About The Fifth Point

Nic and James spent 4 years running the busiest dive centre in Malaysia before returning to the UK in 2016 to establish The Fifth Point. 

They have a passion for environmental conservation. They strive to be ahead of the curve in diving trends. They understand the need for change in a somewhat outdated UK diving industry. As soon as you encounter The Fifth Point, it's obvious there's something special developing.

During courses you will use the latest equipment and receive tuition from experienced instructors. The team specialise in modern diving and teaching techniques, offering the highest quality of training. 

Organised dive trips allow you to explore beautiful local sites under the guidance of a knowledgeable team, while trips away offer the experience of new diving conditions and special marine life encounters. 

The Fifth Point are a social bunch. It's important that all customers feel welcomed and part of the family. The worldwide diving community is very tight knit and they strive to strengthen these links whilst maintaining a professional standard of customer service. 

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