Beach Clean: Cambois 25th February2017

Beach Clean: Cambois 25th February 2017 The theme of this beach clean was dog poo. SO MUCH DOG POO. For the past few months, we’ve been concentrating on one particular part of Cambois beach. This time, our local volunteers told us we should move to the Beach House car park as the recent tidal surge […]

We 💙 Horizontal Bubble Rings!

Horizontal Bubble Rings are just one of many important underwater skills you will learn at The Fifth Point. Aswell as her little party trick, Nic is also demonstrating good trim and using our brand new student kit set up including wing and long hose.  If you’d like to learn from some of the most experienced instructors […]

The Great Nurdle Hunt February 2017

The Great Nurdle Hunt February 2017 People: “What are you doing this weekend?” Nic & James: “Going nurdle hunting” People: *strange looks* Most People Have Never Heard of a Nurdle Not surprising really, they’re not exactly noticeable, and hunting them requires you to be on hands and knees with your face inches away from the […]