Scuba Air Fills

We Love Our Compressor

We regularly test the quality of our air, but once a quarter we like to get someone independent to come in and verify the results including a dew point test.

As we expected, our compressor passed its latest test with flying colours and we're proudly displaying our latest test cert next to the filling room door. Our awesome Bauer compressor is protected by the B-Securus System which ensures our filter moisture levels are permanently monitored. This means our filters work the way they should, so you get a nice clean breathe.

Our air is as pure as it can get - Modified Grade E to be exact - which means you get oxygen compatible air as standard when you fill up at The Fifth Point!


Our special £3.00 air fill deal was due to run out at the end of March, but we've decided to extend it so you can make the most of some spring diving.

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