It's Business As Usual

We've just sent an email round to all our current divers - here it is in case it didn't reach you for some reason!

Hey guys!

Bit of a blanket message, but we just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that it's still business as usual at our end.

We posted on social media last week about our standard operating procedures for cleaning (in case you missed it you can read it here...). We've always been doing this, but it's just not something that we've ever spoken about. It's good info to have right now though!

Having said that, following the new advice from the powers that be yesterday advising against all non-essential contact and socialising, we completely understand if you wanted to put any courses on hold or rearrange any sessions you might have booked in. This message is to let you know that we're totally cool with that - there won't be any additional costs to you guys. Just let us know what you'd like to do and we'll sort everything out.

To give you an idea, if you're currently in the middle of a course, you have 12 months from the date of your last session to get it finished. That's always been PADI's rules and we think that's more than enough time for this current issue to blow over.

We're probably heading for a proper lock down like we've seen in other areas in Europe. We're going to keep diving until we're told that we can't. And then we'll sit in a huff.

As good divers should, we're monitoring our own health and won't be diving if we don't feel up to it. We're sure that you will do the same and of course keep that lurgy to yourselves should you end up with any of the symptoms.

When lockdown does happen...

  • The dive centre will close, but we're hoping that James and I can still get in to work on that long list of jobs that we never seem to get around to finishing - this means that when we do open we're even more prepared and organised for you. Who knows what extra services, facilities, equipment we might have for you - our imaginations are running wild right now!
  • Our Divemasters, Instructors, shore crew and volunteers will get a well deserved rest! We never thought that our little dive centre would grow as fast as it has. We love you all to bits and our success is completely down to the encouragement and support of our wonderful customers and hardwork and commitment from our team. It's been a mad three years and we'll take the lockdown as time to reflect and recuperate so we're all on fine form ready to hit the water when this is all done and dusted!
  • We'll be pausing all subscription payments for members until we're back open again
  • We'll be trying to keep our little dive family together by hosting online get togethers and virtual socials
  • We'll be running some online courses and workshops to keep us all involved in diver training... maybe you can watch from the bath with your masks and snorkels?!

As ever, if you have any questions or concerns give us a shout.

Keep safe
Nic and James

Want More Info?

If you have any questions or concerns about your diving or training, get in touch. The only stupid questions are the ones that you don't ask!


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