It's Still Business As (the new) Normal

we're not opening just yet

Following BoJo's announcement last night (and his 50 page document about it today... that was a good read!) we thought we'd update you with what's going on at The Fifth Point.

So the big news... drum roll please... nothings changed!

We are as desperate as you to get things back to normal, open up the dive centre and get back out in the water. But right now, it's just a bit too early for that. We need to make sure that we're falling in line with the government's advice as well as the coastguard - but most importantly we need to keep everyone safe. The last thing we want to do is open up too early and risk you guys (or our team) catching this virus.

Corona attacks the lungs, right? And as we all know, the lungs are pretty important when it comes to scuba diving! The last thing we want to do is put a halt to your diving journey because the virus made you not fit to dive. For the staff, we have to pass strict HSE medicals every year. Not getting signed off for one of these could put us out of jobs too. We just don't think it's worth the risk.

The good news is that in the next phase of all this, we might be able to open the shop side of the dive centre. But for training, it looks like we're going to be staying online for a little bit longer.

Watch what you're doing and we'll see you soon.

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