The Fifth Point Diving Centre's Kids Club

The Kids Club Verdict Is In... AWESOME!

Our summer holiday kids club has come to an end. Four incredible young lads have come on in leaps and bounds since their first session back in July.


Our program started with water safety and learning the RNLI's Float To Survive technique. They braved our cold water tank in just their trunks to learn how to deal with cold water shock. From that moment, we knew they were total waterbabies. Friendships were quickly formed as we played some ice breaker games and we got the inflatables out too of course!

Boys Got Skillz...

We taught the lads the basics of snorkelling. We didn't realise how fast they would become snorkelling masters! We decided to develop their skills further and moved onto the PADI Skin Diver Course. After a few sessions they could all breath hold dive and swim like fish around the bottom of the training tank. We knew we were going to have so much fun exploring the ocean!

In The Classroom...

Our Kid's Club isn't just water based. We had a lot of budding marine biologists and nature lovers in the group. Part of the weekly sessions were spent in the classroom completing the Project AWARE Specialty Course. The lads learned about the messy problem of marine debris and how ecosystems all over the world are threatened by human activity. After seeing shocking images of marine animals tangled in fishing gear and ingesting plastic they were chomping at the bit to help protect the ocean.

Kid's Club completing their Project AWARE Specialty Course

Time To Clean Up The Beach...

One way to keep Our Sea Trash Free is to start by removing the litter from the beach so it can't reach the water. Our lads took their buckets and litter pickers to St Mary's West Bay where they picked up everything they could find including plastic fragments, bottles, bags and fishing line. They disposed of it responsibly in the car park bins. They dutifully sorted the trash to make sure everything that could be recycled was thrown in the correct bin. Did you know the recycling bins at St Mary's talk when you throw the rubbish in?! Neither did we!

Once the buckets were empty, we headed along the causeway with a spot of rock pooling along the way. There's an abundance of life along our Northumberland coast and it's amazing what you can find in the rock pools at low tide. The lads spotted small fish, hermit crabs and even shrimps hiding in the nooks and crannies. We walked to the seal observation point at the back of the island. St Mary's Seal Watch have set up a telescope so visitors can watch the seals without disturbing them. The lads spotted 5 grey seals sunbathing on the rocks waiting for the tide to come in.

Snorkel Safaris...

Our last sessions of the program took the lads into the North Sea to put their newly learnt snorkelling and skin diving skills to good use. They explored our rugged coastline looking for wildlife along the way.

The Fifth Point Diving Centre's kids snorkelling safari

What's Next?

We had such a blast with the Kid's Club, we've decided to extend it! Our young'uns will now leave their snorkels behind as they venture into the world of scuba diving. We've devised a new 15 session program where participants will learn the basics of scuba and build upon their skills during each session. We can't wait to get them started!


Get in touch if you'd like some more info about our next Kid's Club sessions.


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