One Month Tee Turtle

The Fifth Point are going Tee Turtle for October - that's no alcohol for a whole month!


For a lot of divers, drinking and diving (although not at the same time!) go hand in hand. We're going to take on this challenge to make sure we're all Fit-to-dive and raise money for Project AWARE in the process!

Why do we need to be Fit To Dive?

All divers have a responsibility to keep their fitness in check - medical, physical and mental. After all, we're taking part in a strenuous activity that requires strength and stamina plus clarity of thought for decision making. It's taken so seriously, you're made to sign those forms before you can even get anywhere near the water.

The RSTC Medical Statement

You've all seen this one - those yes/no questions. You have to declare yourself fit, and if you think there's any issues you have to get it checked by your GP. Most of the questions refer to illnesses or injuries that could affect your ability to dive. But there's a few in there that point to something different - things that we can all take control of but might be inclined to bend the truth a little bit...

  1. Are you over 45 and smoke?
  2. Inability to perform moderate exercise (example: walk one mile within 12 mins)?
  3. Recreational drug use?

Standard Safe Diving Practises Statement Of Understanding

Believe it or not, you've also signed this one multiple times! I like to refer to it as a list of common sense rules that you sign and agree to follow during and after your training or dives. Along with things like "not diving beyond your training" and "adhering to the buddy system", there's also a number of rules that regard fitness for diving...

  1. Maintain good mental and physical fitness for diving
  2. Avoid being under the influence of alcohol or dangerous drugs

Be honest, could you be fitter?

So, you're signing these forms to say that you think you are fit to dive. But be honest with yourself - could you do more?

As Instructors and Divemasters, we hold ourselves to an even higher level of fitness - especially in the UK where we have to complete annual HSE Diving Medicals. Now we can't bend the truth on a form - we're actually tested for our fitness! We get everything checked - urine, blood, eye sight, hearing, ECGs, lung function and fitness with the chester step test.

As PADI Professionals, we are role models - but we're also human. I find it suuuper difficult to stay that higher level of fitness during the summer. I'm busy all the time so revert to scoffing quick, unhealthy food. And there's no way I can get to the gym working summer hours.

Time to take action!

We've decided to take the TeeTurtle challenge as a dive centre. The team will make a positive step towards improving our fitness to dive by giving up alcohol for a whole month. As you may have noticed, scuba diving and drinking (although not at the same time!) are often seen as part and parcel of being a diver. It's not going to be easy for a bunch of seasoned Pros to change a lifestyle that they've become used to and one that is seen as "the norm".

As well as ditching the booze to improve our physical and mental health, we'll also be taking part in other fitness activities throughout October. We'll be out plogging, going to the gym, trying to eat healthily - and we're looking for your help and support! If you'd like to get involved, let us know! You're more than welcome to join us by pouring away the beer or coming out for a run - keep an eye on Facebook for more info.

If you'd rather support us from the comfort of your sofa with a glass of red in your hand, we're also raising money for Project AWARE! Please sponsor us!



Want more info on being Fit To Dive?

Our Staff Instructor Laura has set up a supportive and information Facebook group called Fit-To-Dive. Join the discussion.


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