We're Closed

But This Isn't The End

Last night was a toughie.

It took us a long time to come to the decision we have. And it's not one that we've taken lightly. Following Boris' announcement that cafes, pubs, leisure centres, gyms etc should close immediately, we were left trying to work out if we fit into any of those categories.

Then we realised that the category isn't the important thing. What's important right now is understanding that we're all in this together and we have a social responsibility to follow this advice.

You aren't just our customers. You're our dive buddies and our friends. We want to keep everyone safe so it's time to close our doors for a little bit.

But this doesn't mean that we're not here to support you! After our awesome virtual social online last night, we've realised that we can still keep our amazing dive family connected. The next few days will see us working behind the scenes to bring our contingency plans to life - we knew this was coming and we're well prepared for it!

Stick with us online. You'll see more virtual socials organised, plus there'll be online discussions, live streams, courses and even fitness sessions!

We know our little dive centre will get through this. And when it's all over, there's going to be one hell of a party. Until then, stay positive.

Storms always spoil diving. This too will pass.

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