Snorkel Safaris in 2022


The Northumberland coastline has SO much to offer, the flora and fauna is simply breath-taking. We love it so much that we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience it (not just divers)! Therefore, we’ve been running Snorkel Safaris throughout the Summer for a few years now, to encourage people to get in the water and see what all the fuss is about. 


What on earth is a Snorkel Safari?

The experience of a lifetime and I'm not even being dramatic when I say that! I have dived with Seals on many occasions and although it’s amazing, the Snorkel experiences just hit different. There are thousands of Grey Seals that call The Farne Islands home and we’re so lucky to have them on our doorstep. Snorkel Safaris are the opportunity to get up close and personal with them. They’re so interactive and friendly! You also get the chance to see the Farnes, have a splash about and explore the shallows. There are Kelp forests as far as the eye can see, Sea walls littered in soft Corals and lot’s of little fishies hangin’ about. Not to mention the beautiful abundance of Jellies. When the Sun hits them at the surface, their colours are spectacular! Plus we get seasonal Puffins along with thousands of other Sea Birds!  


Resident Farne Island Seal pup on a 2021 tour

What's Included?

The Snorkel Safaris include the essentials and more! We give you full kit hire with everything that you will need plus extras. You can even visit us at the Dive centre prior to the event to try kit on so that you have no worries on the day. You also get a Serenity boat cruise. The ride out and in is one of the best bits! Sometimes, we even see Bottlenose Dolphins on the way back. During the Safari, you will be in a small group with one of our experienced snorkel leaders who will help you get kit sorted, get that wetsuit on, give a safety briefing, watch over you, guide you around the site and generally just be there to help! Afterwards, they will also sort you out with Cookies and Hot Chocolate to warm ya up. There's nothing better! As we’re going to be up close nd personal with the Seals, we also offer a Snorkel with the Seals mini-course which goes over the basics of Seal interaction. Finally, we donate a portion of the payment to Tynemouth Seal Hospital who we are very close to on your behalf!  


What does it entail? 

A run through of the evening goes as follows;

  • A meet- and- greet with your group and group leader on Seahouses Pier 
  • Get on the boat, kitted up and ready for the adventure whilst heading over to the Islands
  • Super important safety briefing!
  • Get in, have fun and meet the locals 😉
  • De-kit, get toastie with a Hot Chocolate and refuel with some Cookies
  • Debrief and relax on the ride home enjoying the Sunset! 


Sunset post-Snorkelling

Who can do it? 

Adults and accompanied children aged 12+ are able to take part in our experiences. We also ask that you are confident in the water and able to swim. Have a peak at or Snorkel lessons here. Oooh… also, if you just want to spectate that's also cool, get in touch with Nic here


How much and when is this EPIC adventure?

£65 per person, absolute bargain! We run these trips every Saturday evening between 2nd July-22nd August.


But am I safe? 

Yes, you are absolutely safe. We will never Snorkel in dangerous conditions. However, sometimes it can be a little challenging swimming through small currents etc therefore this is why we ask that you’re comfortable in water. Don’t worry though- the boat is always available to pick us up! 

A concern we always hear is Seals biting and this is why we include our Seals mini-course. Practising passive interaction is SO important, we are in their waters afterall! If you respect the Seals, they will love you. Simple as! If you’re wanting to read a little more about interacting with Seals then check out my blog here

Jellies, Jellies, Jellies. They can sting and this puts a lot of people off but it shouldn't. We’re literally covered head-to-toe in thick neoprene so the only place they could possibly sting is our cheeks under the mask and above the hood which is like 2cm of skin. In the unlikely case that this happens, all leaders are First-aid trained and able to treat you accordingly. Plus, FYI, it’s only a mild sting for around 2 minutes then there is no trace but this is so uncommon it's hardly worth noting. Just keep a safe distance. 

Being buoyant is mega important on these trips so we have lots of safety measures in place to ensure that you’re super floaty. First your 7mm wetsuit. Not only will it keep you toastie, but is super buoyant and will keep you keep afloat. For kids we have Snorkel vests. All leaders are also geared up with floats to pull you around and as a holding aid if necessary.

I can guarantee that as soon as you meet the team and step foot on the boat, the excitement will calm your nerves and you won't even give it a second thought. If you are nervous though, contact Nic here and she can have a chat or speak to your Snorkel leader on the night. 


2021 Snorkelers having a blast!


We hope to see ya in 2022 when the Sun’s out! Until then… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

The Fifth Point Team x


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