About The Fifth Point

Nic and James spent 4 years running the busiest dive centre in Malaysia before returning to Northumberland in 2016 to establish The Fifth Point. (Think they're crazy to come back from paradise? Read more...)

From the outset, they recognised that a change was needed in this outdated bubble of UK diving. They decided to go to the people who really matter - the divers - to ask what would make their "Dream Dive Centre". Funnily enough, divers wanted exactly what The Fifth Point could provide...

  • A warm, approachable and friendly Dive Centre
  • Modern diving with cutting edge techniques and equipment
  • Experienced and professional instructors  
  • Regular dive trips
  • Equipment retail, rental and servicing
  • An onsite training tank for relaxed and flexible course schedules.

On top of that, Nic and James' passion for the environment is evident in every activity. All courses, from beginner to professional, focuses on the importance of buoyancy and trim. These fundamental skills are vital in creating divers that can protect marine ecosystems. The Fifth Point is a no touch, no take Dive Centre. This means that nothing will be removed from the ocean, except for litter and marine debris of course! The Fifth Point prides itself on being one of the only dive centres in the UK that puts lobsters BACK in the ocean instead of taking them for dinner! 

Not only does The Fifth Point hold regular beach and underwater clean ups, the Dive Centre itself was made from as much reclaimed material as Nic and James could get their hands on. Recycling, upcycling and composting is common place at the centre as well as a growing range of products to help divers lead a plastic free lifestyle.