Join the FREE AWARE Week Challenge and transform into an eco diver in just 7 days.

You'll learn skills to become a torchbearer for ocean conservation, protecting the ocean on every dive.

You'll become a role model in your local diving community.

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Are you passionate about ocean conservation?

Do you want to become a role model in your diving community - a torchbearer for ocean protection?

This challenge is for you!

What's it all about?

To celebrate AWARE Week 2021, we're launching a FREE 7 day challenge that will equip you with the skills, knowledge and practical suggestions to become an eco diver.

Every day, you'll be set a new task and throughout the week you will develop as an ocean advocate. Each day has a different focus:

  1. Introduction to the Challenge - meet and greet and why the ocean needs protection (even our cold UK waters!)
  2. Become a role model - the ocean is in desperate need of more torchbearers and you have an essential role to play in the movement to save the ocean
  3. Stand up for the ocean - engage in conservation and lend support to environmental campaigns
  4. Assume responsibility - protect what you love above and below the surface
  5. Dive with a purpose - become a citizen scientist and actively create data to help protect the ocean in the future
  6. Reduce your carbon footprint - restore the balance by reducing your emissions at home and work
  7. Make sustainable choices - say no to single-use plastic, shop responsibly and hunt out eco-friendly dive centres

Every morning (9.00am BST), a video will be posted in the Facebook group with your task for the day.

From mid-day you'll get the chance to "ask Nic anything". You can ask any questions you'd like her to answer for you!

In the evening as near to 6.00pm as she can, Nic will go live in the group! She'll have loads more practical tips to help you succeed in that day's task plus will answer any questions that were asked during the day (or on the live itself!)

At the end of the challenge, you'll be a fully-fledged eco diver and torchbearer ready to hit the water as an awesome role model for every diver in your community!

This is a LIVE challenge - I'll be in the group daily supporting you

I'm Nic! I'm a PADI Course Director based in the North East of England and I'm obsessed with protecting the ocean. I've always been interested in the environment, but my passion for ocean conservation really started when I worked as an Instructor in Malaysia. I saw first hand the pressures that the ocean was facing. I saw the impact of climate change, marine debris, ghost fishing gear, habitat unbalance and of course, diver behaviour. 

During my 4 years on Tioman Island, I worked hard to change my attitude to the ocean - both in the water and on dry land. I strived to be a more responsible diver. I made more sustainable choices in my life. When I came back to the UK to set up my own dive centre, it was only natural that I brought my new found love of ocean protection home with me. 

Our UK waters may be a lot colder than those I enjoyed in Malaysia, but our cold water reefs still face exactly the same pressures as their tropical relatives and are screaming out for torchbearers to help protect them. 

During this challenge, I'm going to share with you everything I've learned in my 15-year journey to becoming an eco diver. It doesn't matter where you live in the world, I'll equip you with skills, knowledge and practical advice to help you protect that thing you love the most... THE OCEAN!



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