Refill Water Bottle Station

We’re Part Of The Refill Scheme Back when the Refill Scheme and app were first launched, we jumped at the chance to be part of it. Now, there’s a resurgence of the movement in the area as Northumbrian Water are on board to encourage people to reduce their plastic waste in the North East.  The […]

Cheap air fills at The Fifth Point Diving Centre

£3.00 Air Fills

Tank Fills Only £3.00 We’re sure you don’t need another reason to jump in the water, but how about some cheap air fills? We’d like to help kick start your diving adventures in 2018! This special New Year deal will last until the 31st March 2018. Your fills will now only cost you £3.00 (£1.00 […]

2017… What A Year!

To Think That This Time Last Year, Our Dive Centre Only Existed In Our Heads! At the start of February 2017, James and I began ripping out the innards of office space and workshops that were the original building. Over those next 4 months, a whole new upper level was built and a bespoke diving […]

5 Reasons To Embrace Modern Diving

It’s Time To Embrace Modern Diving Nic and James have been very fortunate throughout their diving career – they’ve met some very influential people during their travels. These guys and girls are the pioneers, the explorers, the magazine pin-ups. They write the courses for training agencies. They’re at the forefront of diving techniques and technology. […]

Your Dream Dive Centre Is Almost Ready

We’re Opening Soon! It’s been a while since our last blog post – and there’s a very good reason for that! In 7 short weeks we’ve gone from an empty husk of a building to something that is very nearly Your Dream Dive Centre.   We’re a couple of weeks away from opening and we’ll […]

Could This Be Your Dream Dive Centre?

We’re Building Your Dream Dive Centre James and Nic have always known what their dream dive centre would look like. Back in 2016 they asked you to describe your dream dive centre.   There were two very important reasons for this fact-finding mission: 1.      They needed to know that their own vision matched with the […]

Naming The Newest Diving Centre In The North East

A lot of people ask us where “The Fifth Point” came from… Coming up with a name for a new business is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not just a name. It must be memorable and catchy – after all it’s got to stand out from all the other diving centres in the […]

The Fifth Point on Koast Radio

In case you missed it… Nic was live on Koast Radio this morning! Click through to hear her talk about diving in the UK, why environmental protection is so important and dispel some common myths about marine life!     Koasts Mind Your Own Business Show – Interview With Nic Emery From Fifth Point Diving […]

The Fifth Point Features On Business Radio

Nic recently featured in a podcast with Business Radio Click through to hear her 60 second pitch and talk about her love of UK diving, setting up a new business and being a chiclet at Entrepreneurial Spark. Nic Emery Does Her One Minute Pitch On The Fifth Point The North East’s industry leading Diving Centre.

Gone Diving Back Soon

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: Part 2

It takes a lot of guts to leave your family and friends behind to pursue your dreams. I had a good job in a lovely school. I had options for progression and I was making decent money. However, I was adamant that I wanted to give it all up to become a beach bum. Read the first part of […]