Have You Ever Seen A Dog Pick Up Litter?

Have You Seen A Litter Picking Dog?

We didn't teach him how to do this, guess he just learnt from watching us!

We must have one of the most environmentally conscious pets in the world.... This is Hal on one of his morning walks along the River Blyth. He picks something up every time he's out, even if it's just for a quick run along the grass outside the dive centre. Then he gives it to us to put in the recycling! #goodboy

He really is like a little sponge - he absorbs everything! He sits and watches everything we do and it's not the first time he's copied. He barks to get his teeth brushed when we're doing ours in the morning! 


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Nic Emery

Nic is one of the co-founders of The Fifth Point. She is a Master Instructor with a keen interest in environmental conservation.

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