instructor course


You decided to turn your hobby into your dream job!

This is the course that makes it happen

I'm so excited that you've decided to become a PADI Instructor! It's the best.job.EVER!

I can't imagine going back to a proper job now... who wants to sit in an office instead of playing in the ocean all day?!

You're going to have some incredible adventures and the lifestyle is awesome

eat | sleep | dive | repeat!

prep for success

Yass! You booked your IDC and now it's time to get excited!

Use this time to do a little bit of self-auditing - are there any areas that you need to work on? It might be something from the dive theory side of things, or perhaps you're feeling a bit rusty on your skill demos? The time between now and the start of your IDC is the perfect time to do a little bit of self-development.

We take care of your prep with our IDC Success Pack

It's rammed full of useful info:

  • Get IDC ready with our top 10 tips
  • Pack like a boss with our essential kit list
  • Practice your dive skills in bed and get your demos sorted before you even get wet
  • Hack the PADI Instructor manual to fly through your standards exam
  • Use the psychology of learning to ace your theory exam
  • Know what you need to learn effectively
  • Be ready to teach in an environmentally responsible way
  • Encourage your students to eco dive
  • Get ready to smash the PADI Instructor Exam

Earn PADI certifications and get access to eco courses...

Get the certs for yourself and experience what it's like to be a student for the most popular conservation courses. You might even pick up some teaching tips for when you come to deliver these PADI specialty courses to your own students!

  • Dive Against Debris
  • Project AWARE
  • AWARE Coral Reef Conservation
  • AWARE Shark Conservation
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Fish ID
  • Green Fins Eco Guide

And we're always here for you, whenever you need us!

Your preparations are guided by our amazing team. We're just a message away if you have any questions or concerns

  • Always on Slack support group
  • Weekly Zoom check-ins and Q&A sessions

love the IDC

OMG. You're going to have so much fun on your Instructor Development Course! We have limited availability for our programs as we only ever work with 4 candidates at a time. This way, you get lots of individual attention and the chance to work 1:1 with the team.

You'll spend 16 days developing your skills and knowledge as you progress through the PADI curriculum. There is some time spent in the classroom, taking part in workshops and delivering presentations, but the really fun stuff happens in our onsite training tank and at our local shore dive sites. You'll get wet pretty much every day!

12 Day Instructor Development Program

The PADI curriculum is designed to refine your skills and knowledge and help you understand how to use the system to teach your own students. We've also thrown in a few extra workshops for good measure which will develop you into a more rounded, environmentally conscious instructor.

  • Dive theory
  • Skill development
  • The PADI system
  • Learning and teaching
  • Teaching each PADI course
  • Set up and scheduling considerations
  • Risk management and licensing
  • Delivering the perfect exam presentations


  • How to teach neutrally buoyant from day 1
  • Modern diving techniques with wing and long hose
  • How to teach with ocean protection in mind
  • Dealing with student diver anxiety and panic

2 Day EFR Instructor Course

When you become a PADI instructor, you also need to be an Emergency First Response Instructor. Think of all the Rescue courses you're going to teach once you're qualified. You'll need to teach them first aid too! Plus, your own personal first aid knowledge will improve - especially after working with our amazing trainers and you'll add another string to your bow when it comes to sources of income. You'll be able to teach first aid courses to non-divers too!

  • Skill development sessions led by our awesome friends at Life Saving Training. They're award-winning outdoor first aid specialists, mountain rescue volunteers and avid rescue divers themselves.
  • EFR educational philosophy
  • Care for children
  • AED use
  • Organising and marketing your first course
  • Mannequin cleaning

2 Day PADI Instructor Exam

Don't be scared of the PADI Instructor Exam! You're simply going spend two amazing days showing the PADI examiners (who are all lovely, by the way) what you learned on your IDC. There's nothing new, you'll just be repeating everything you've already done.

Depending on the dates of your IDC, the IE might not be local. But don't worry! Built into your program are days at the IE site so you can explore and get familiar with the location so you feel at ease in the exam.

  • Dive theory and standards exams
  • Knowledge development teaching presentation
  • Skill circuit
  • Confined water teaching presentation
  • Rescue skill demonstration
  • Open water teaching presentation

go out and teach

The moment you've been waiting for!

With the IDC, EFRi and IE under your belt, you are qualified to teach your own students. But don't muddle through it on your own, the best strategy is to have a support network behind you so you can bounce ideas off and get help if you're having any issues.

Join our mentoring program

Teaching your first few courses is nerve-wracking! With a mentor by your side, you can fire off any questions you might have or ask for advice on how to structure things.

  • Slack support group connects you to talented course directors all over the UK and the founder of Scubaphsyche.
  • Regular zoom calls for check-ins and Q&A sessions
  • Discounted access to ongoing dive pro training

Take an internship

Propel your mentoring to the next level by joining our MSDT internship. Work with the same crew who helped you smash the IDC. Milk them for all the tips and tricks you can!

  • Team teach until you're confident to take students independently
  • Work towards your PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating by teaching at least 25 certifications
  • Build experience working in a busy dive centre
  • Have something you want to learn? Just say! Whether it's how to fill tanks, equipment servicing, how to run social media for your new dive centre - we'll build bespoke training for you!
  • Make your dive pro CV irresistible

Expand your teaching repertoire

Offer more to your students and make sure you have variety when you're teaching. Dive centres will snap you up if you can teach more than just the core courses and when you're teaching lots of different things, it keeps you fresh and enjoying diving!

  • Offer something completely different to your competitors and learn how to bundle courses to make your training mouth-watering
  • Teach the most profitable upsells
  • Work more in your favourite specialism and share your passion

no hidden costs | unbeatable facilities | amazing mentors

the local IDC

the ultimate IDC


worth £750

4 weeks

4 weeks

IDC success pack

always on slack support group

weekly check in zoom calls

Project AWARE Course

AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Course

AWARE Shark Conservation Course

Underwater Naturalist Course

Green Fins Eco Guide Course


worth £2,995

16 days

16 days

maximum of 4 candidates

welcome party

2 day inwater prep

12 day instructor development course

2 day emergency first response instructor course

IE site familiarisation

daily goodies and gadgets to use

closing party

bonus wokshops

worth £70 each

teaching neutrally buoyant from day one

teaching with wing and long hose

environmentally responsible teaching

managing student diver anxiety and panic


worth £250 each



dive against debris instructor

underwater naturalist instructor

fish ID instructor

dry suit instructor

nitrox instructor

required materials

worth £890

IDC crewpak

EFRi crewpak

PADI fees

worth £1,060

instructor exam

instructor application

EFRi application

specialty instructor applications


worth £500+

6 months free access to our mentoring program

40% discount on our MSDT internship


worth £2,000+


breakfast and lunch

evening meal

a place to stay for the IDC

a place to stay for the IE




the local IDC

the ultimate IDC

Your last chance to get qualified in 2021...


When you look at those numbers you get a shock, right? And on paper, my IDCs do look a lot more expensive than some of the others you might have been researching.

Here's 5 reasons why...

1. There are no hidden costs

Trust me, if you're seeing any IDC for less than £2k, there's GOT to be hidden costs. Don't make the mistake I did when I was in your shoes. I found an IDC for what I thought was a great price and then on the first day I realised it didn't include the materials (another £800ish) or the PADI fees (another £900ish)! As you can imagine, I wasn't best pleased!

My packages include everything you need to complete the IDC, IE, pay your first year of membership fees to PADI plus sooo much more.

To help with your research I've created an IDC comparison and budgeting tool. You can map out all the costs and what's included in different IDCs you've seen and then compare them side by side. There's also some answers to the top questions I get asked all the time. You can download it here.

2. The facilities are epic

The Fifth Point is custom built to provide an amazing learning experience. Our group sizes are small, our pro team are incredible, we've got a training tank on-site and lovely dive sites right on the Northumberland coast.

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet too often, but James and I built this centre from scratch. There's a lot of thought gone into how to make the space work and at the same time be constructed from as much reclaimed materials as possible! There's more specific details below, but I guarantee you've not seen a dive centre like this in the UK before. It's warm, cosy, comfy and most of all somewhere you actually want to spend your time!

3. Our customer service is unique

I know that you're doing lots of research right now. You're emailing lots of dive centres to find out more info, and I bet you get a template email back in response. Send me an enquiry, see what happens...

I know you'll be able to tell straight away that we're different to everyone else you're talking to! I'm not saying any more than that, you'll just have to fire me an email 😉

4. You're not just a number, you're joining the family!

You want to become an awesome PADI Instructor, and I want to see you be super successful. That's why before your IDC starts we've set up our online prep course. The whole team are on hand to get you ready to hit the ground running and iron out any creases in the 4 weeks before you begin. The success pack is insane. It's so good, people who are doing their IDCs abroad with other Course Directors buy it!

And once the program is all done the dust after the IE part has settled, I don't just wave bye-bye! I'm here for you for the rest of your diving career. If you ever need advice or need to ask questions, just hit me up! You're always welcome at The Fifth Point.

5. Finally, to be brutally honest, you get what you pay for!

Good diving education is not cheap. I dread to think how much I've spent on my own professional development! It's a hell of a lot of cash, and a massive investment in your future. Only you can make the decision of what's going to be best for you. My biggest piece of advice would be to shop around, do the research, meet the people and choose whoever you think is the best fit.

I've got everything crossed that it's going to be us!

The Fifth Point is not your typical dive centre! We've created a really special learning environment with everything you need to make your IDC awesome!

  • Onsite classroom and training tank
  • Nearby swimming pool for bigger confined sessions
  • Local shore dive sites on our doorstep
  • Kit dunking area, drying room and storage
  • Wood burner stove and snug area to warm up after water sessions
  • Service centre with technician available to help with whatever you need
  • Clean kitchen with fridge, kettle, microwave, toaster and oven
  • Spotless changing rooms and showers
  • Washing machine and tumble drier
  • Free wifi
  • and of course Dive Dog Haldane for cuddles


We will take care of everything while you're here. We'll hump your kit around, fill your tanks and make sure you're where you need to be at the right time. You've got access to team wheels to get you between sessions and transfer you to and from your accommodation. If you're flying in or taking the train, we'll even come and pick you up.

If conditions are perfect, our closest dive site is about 15 minutes away at Collywell Bay. But we might choose to head up the coast a bit if we think the viz might be better. We spend a lot of time diving in Beadnell, it's so beautiful and teeming with life! All our shore sites are nice and shallow with reasonably easy entries and exits. If the weather gods aren't on our side and we can't get in the sea, our nearest inland site is about an hour away. Ellerton Lake is a nice shallow training location with showers and changing facilities, and if you're lucky - even a burger van!

If your Instructor Exam isn't local, we'll also travel to the location for two days of familiarisation before the exam starts. We'll check out where the written exams and swimming pool stuff will be held and we'll do some dives at the open water site. This way you're fully up to speed and there's no surprises!


We're putting you up in the Commissioners Quay... it's swish! It's right on the quayside in the centre of Blyth and is a 5 minute car ride away from the dive centre.

Your stay also includes your evening meal in the hotel bar, but there are other places very close by if you get bored of their menu (but it is delicious - we eat there all the time!)


Breakfast, lunch and all refreshments are included in your IDC. We can cater for any diet, so please let us know your requirements.

We refuse single-use plastic at every opportunity so we work with caterers and suppliers who share our views!


To start the PADI Instructor Development Course, you need to be...

  • A PADI Divemaster or:
    • an instructor member in good standing (renewed or eligible to renew) with another recognized recreational diver training organization.
    • have a leadership-level certification in good standing (renewed or eligible to renew) with another recognized recreational diver training organization;
  • 60 logged dives including
    • documented experience in night diving, deep diving and underwater navigation.
  • 18 years old
  • Medically cleared attesting to dive fitness signed by a physician within the previous 12 months, and have had no medical condition changes.
  • A Certified diver for at least six months.
  • Trained in EFR Primary and Secondary Care, or other qualifying training, within the last 24 months. Remember that Emergency First Response Instructor (or qualifying rating) is required for Open Water Scuba Instructor certification.
  • Successful in completing the PADI Divemaster course diver rescue skills assessment if you're not already a PADI Divemaster
  • Able to provide documentation of any nonPADI qualifying entry-level, advanced, rescue and leadership level certifications as required.

When you're ready...

Or if you're still researching, this will help...