Our troop of enthusiastic environmental volunteers

Cambois Beach Clean: 26th August 2018

Our troop of enthusiastic environmental volunteers headed down to North Blyth beach to tackle the messy problem of marine debris. Some joined us from as far away as Bolton and the drizzle certainly didn't put them off!

This section of Cambois Beach is always tricky. On a high tide, the water reaches right up to the sea defences, burying litter deep in the nooks and crannies between the rocks. On a low tide, rockpools are exposed with a narrow strip of sand just below the defences. Today, this sand was covered in seaweed and a huge amount of litter.

So much junk removed by the volunteers of The Fifth Point Diving Centre. They're committed to keeping our sea trash free.

Litter - A Master of Camouflage

Hunting for marine debris amongst huge piles of dead seaweed is no easy task. It's a hands and knees job, it's pretty pungent, plus it takes a really keen eye to spot litter in that tangled mess! Old, discoloured strips of battered plastic and cloth are well hidden against the blacks and browns of seaweed fronds. You think you've found everything in one patch and are about to move on until something else catches your attention!

During a recent Dive Against Debris, we noticed a similar situation underwater. Plastic and cloth must have similar properties to seaweed in terms of density, flexibility and weight. The currents and movement of the ocean gathers them together in certain areas. We also find a lot of fishing line and lost tackle tangled up in seaweed. A strong, high tide has obviously shifted this particular clump of seaweed from the sea bed onto the sand. It's almost as if the ocean is purging itself of unwanted items. Luckily our environmental volunteers stepped in before to remove anything unnatural before the sea claimed it once more.

A selection of shoes found during The Fifth Point Diving Centre's latest environmental clean up at Cambois
Volunteers on their hands and knees looking for microplastics during a beach clean
Buckets of rubbish removed from Cambois beach by volunteers at The Fifth Point's latest clean up
Five year old Rayer has a mission to rid the ocean of plastic, she joined us on The Fifth Point Diving Centre's latest beach clean

Starting Them Young...

All of our dedicated beach cleaners are amazing. However, we were very lucky to be joined by a family of special environmental volunteers during this beach clean. Five year old Rayer, her brother and her parents are all eco warriors. Rayer has made it her mission to inform her local community about the impacts of plastic on the ocean and marine life. She regularly takes to her local beaches, parks and streets to pick up litter to help protect our wildlife. She's even helped local business see the importance of moving to more environmentally friendly practises. Dance City ditched plastic straws because of her!

A big pile of rubbish collected from Cambois beach by The Fifth Point Diving Centre and their amazing volunteers!

Another Big Haul

Our volunteers have removed another whopping 167kg of trash from the beach. We've been working in this area since September 2016. In two years, we've removed 1,250kg of debris - that's the same weight as an adult narwhal!

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