A beautiful day for a beach clean!

The Great British Beach Clean: Cambois 17th September 2017

There's nowt like a beach clean in proper Northumbrian weather

Strong wind and showers didn't stop our volunteers from working their magic on Cambois beach for the Marine Conservation Society's Great British Beach Clean! It certainly helped blow the cobwebs away and we were rewarded with some beautiful double rainbows!

No Pot Of Gold...

But plenty of bags of dog poo! Once again our volunteers were disgusted at the number of inconsiderate dog owners. Bagged up dog poo left on the sand or thrown into the dunes to try and hide their laziness. We wish that more pooch lovers would take the Green Dog Walkers pledge (www.greendogwalkers.org).  This initiative is supported by Northumberland County Council who will supply a special arm band to all participants plus leaflets and free dog poo bags to hand out to other dog owners to encourage responsibility. 


Did you know there's a movement of environmentalists on social media trying to make fast food chains and restaurants more responsible for their waste? If you ever see McDonalds packaging littering our beaches then snap a photo. You can post it on all your social media accounts using the hashtag #imnotlovingit and mention the location. 


Some of our volunteers carried out the Marine Conservation Society Beach Watch Survey. There was a fair bit of trash hiding in the strandline, with the bigger recent tides pushing litter right up to the foot of the dunes. A full breakdown of the litter collected can be found here.

The rest of our volunteers carried out their "free pick" where the aim of the game is to pick up as much as they can! In total we removed 40kg of rubbish. 

Look out for upcoming underwater and beach clean ups on our Facebook page. Of course, you don’t need to wait for an organised event to make a difference – grab a bag and conduct your own 2 Minute Beach Clean on your next coastal visit.

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