A beautiful day for a beach clean!

Marine Conservation Society Beach Clean: Cambois 28th July 2017

We're back on the beach and it feels good!

Now that building work at the Dive Centre has finished, we can turn our attention back to protecting our favourite beaches. Our team headed to Cambois, more precisely North Blyth with litter pickers and buckets. Unbelievably we dodged the rain all morning - the heavens only opened just as we left. 

Are The Big High Tides Removing All The Rubbish?

It's a strange position to find yourself in when volunteers say they're disappointed at the lack of litter on the beach! This is when you know you've got a group of dedicated individuals that really want to make a difference.

There wasn't a massive amount of rubbish on the beach. We think it could have something to do with the high tide from the night before. It could have washed some of it back out to sea. Regardless, our crew still managed to fill their buckets with fishing line, broken up plastic, food packets and some more "interesting" items! Who loses their false teeth at the beach?!

We found fly tipping to be a problem once again. This area has lots of secluded car parks where irresponsible individuals can dump unwanted items. We removed as much as we could including grass cuttings, carpets and a bag of cement. We had to leave the heavier items to the council to deal with and our volunteers have duly reported the problem. 


Some of our volunteers carried out the Marine Conservation Society Beach Watch Survey. Although they didn't collect a huge weight of trash, they deserve a big pat on the back for scouring their 100m stretch to find every little morsel of litter that they could - 121 pieces to be exact! The majority of which was plastic. No surprises there - with an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean each year, every little bit that we can pick up helps. 

The rest of our volunteers carried out their "free pick" where the aim of the game is to pick up as much as they can! In total we removed 47kg of rubbish. Not bad for a clean beach!


We always take our time to sort through the litter when we're down at the beach. You never know what hardy marine creature has tried to make it their home. Just like this little swimmer crab that was hiding amongst some seaweed wrapped in fishing line. We took him back to the near by rockpools. 

Look out for upcoming underwater and beach clean ups on our Facebook page. Of course, you don’t need to wait for an organised event to make a difference – grab a bag and conduct your own 2 Minute Beach Clean on your next coastal visit.

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