Blue Planet II Has Finished On TV... Want To See More?

We're not quite sure what we're going to do with our Sunday nights now. For the last 7 weeks we've been sat on our sofa submerged in Blue Planet 2, Haldane included!

During some parts of the show, we sat with jaws on the floor watching the unbelievable behaviour of marine life. During others we looked at each other and smiled, "hey, we've seen that!" as we were transported back to our adventures around the world. And every episode we sat with a lump in our throat as we remember how fragile our Blue Planet is and how humans are putting it under increasing pressure. 

There's no doubt that scuba diving changes your life. Before scuba, you're stuck on the boring old 30% of dry land that you see every day. Once you take the plunge and start exploring that 70% of watery goodness, you start clocking up encounters and experiences that most people only see on TV. You meet amazing people and find yourself travelling all over the world because curiosity has taken hold. You see first-hand the impact of humans on the underwater ecosystem - the effects of which are very much "out of sight, out of mind" for most people. It makes you want to protect it. 

TV shows like Blue Planet bring this important message to the masses. But we need to realise that it's not just scientists and activists that can save our Blue Planet. We all can make a difference.

Learning to dive gives you the skills to document the changes underwater and take action against them.

And once you're hooked, your passion for marine conservation will extend above the water...

  • Take part in our regular beach cleans
  • Pledge to pick up litter wherever you see it (check out #5thingsclear and #2minutebeachclean)
  • Try and live a plastic free lifestyle by making easy choices like refusing drinking straws, using reusable water bottles and coffee cups, and saying no to plastic bags

The ocean and fresh water systems give so much to divers. It's up to us to protect them! We were over the moon to be included in the "Get Involved" section of the Blue Planet website. You can see Nic's picture of cotton buds collected on Blyth Beach featured on the page highlighting the ongoing environmental work of The Fifth Point. In the last 12 months, our volunteers have removed over 900kg of trash from our beaches and ocean. 2018 will be even bigger! 


Cotton bud sticks collected from Blyth Beach

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for events coming up next year, and if you're ready to take the plunge and learn how to dive, get in touch! Find out all about your first steps into diving on our website. 

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