A beautiful day for a beach clean!

Beach Clean: Cambois 28th January 2017

The miserable weather didn’t dampen the spirits of our fantastic volunteers. Despite the conditions, they braved the elements to help protect their favourite coastal area. The beach and dunes had taken a bit of a battering by the recent high tides and surge. Local residents had noticed that a lot of litter had been pushed up into the dunes. Our volunteers were keen to give the area a good tidy up, and what an amazing job they did collecting over 90kg of trash!

We're Trying To Reduce Our Own Impact...

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impact, we invested in recycled plastic buckets that we can reuse on beach cleans to come. Plus our volunteers now sort their trash as they go!

We now divide the collected litter into several categories:

  • Hard Plastics

    To be sent to TerraCycle as part of their Beach Plastic Recycling Program. Our collected plastic will be recycled into special Head & Shoulders shampoo bottles

  • Metal and Glass

To be taken to the local recycling point

  • Creative

Rope, glass fragments, ceramics or anything we think could be reused or upcycled by artists

  • Hazardous Items

Like dog poo, sharps etc to be disposed of appropriately

  • Landfill

Unfortunately not everything can be recycled and a lot of beach waste can only go to landfill

In The Dunes...

The dunes team collected a ridiculous amount of trash. They were frustrated at the sheer volume of rubbish they found and angry at the amount of fly tipping by inconsiderate individuals. During previous beach cleans, we’ve found fridge freezers and cardboard boxes discarded in the same area. The car park at Cambois is a notorious fly tipping spot because of the prickly scrub that shields the perpetrators from the main road. It also makes it very difficult to get in and remove anything that might have been dumped without getting ripped to shreds by the bushes. Our volunteers are now taking the matter into their own hands by requesting the council remove this scrub to make the popular car park bigger and to discourage fly tippers.

On The Survey...

The survey team noticed that the beach itself was pretty clean. This could be because the high tides had effectively cleaned the area and moved any debris elsewhere. They still found an awful lot of dog poo, both bagged and unbagged. We can’t get the logic, and several beach goers came to have a chat and voiced their frustrations at the number of inconsiderate dog walkers. The team logged and collected 15kg on the survey – still quite impressive considering the beach appeared quite clean.

Full survey results can be found on the Beach Watch website.


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