Egypt 2020

Liveaboard Trip With Red Sea Explorers

We have had the most awesome trip in Egypt with Red Sea Explorers. We've come home with another 18 dives under our belts, 2 new PADI Open Water Divers, 5 new PADI Advanced Open Water Divers, 6 new PADI Enriched Air divers, 1 new PADI Night Diver Specialist and a whole bunch of new friends.

We stayed aboard the MV Tala which was an amazing boat. The crew were awesome - big shout outs to Crosby, Le'Ryce and Zizou who along with the boat boys made our stay fantastic. The food was unreal (we all came back having put weight on!), the cabins were immaculate and the dive staff so knowledgeable.

We'll be going back next March for sure!





Giannis D | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

The Giannis D Wreck is one of our favourites in the whole of the Red Sea. It's covered in life and when the more experienced divers get to go inside, you fee...

The Dunraven | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

Nic and James took the scoots for a play over the Dunraven wreck.

The Thistlegorm | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

The Thistlegorm has to be the most famous wreck in the Red Sea. On this dive, we stayed on the outside rather than penetrating to see the cargo. It's teeming...

Shark Reef and Yolanda Wreck | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

A lush dive between Shark Reef and Yolanda Wreck. Hardly any current meant that we could take our time over the wall dropoffs and enjoy the view. We were ama...

Inside the Thistlegorm | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

Scooters and wreck penetration?! Yes please! James and Edd took a cheeky dive inside the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm.

Gubal Barge Night Dive | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

This is hands down one of the best night dives we've ever done. The variety of life was unreal in one dive we saw pretty much every species of moray eel we k...

Rosalie Moller | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

Those with a lust for rust will adore this wreck. So many penetration points - but definitely one for the more experienced diver - as you can see the risk of...

Umm Gamar Dive Against Debris | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

A lovely dive on a reef in need of some detangling! There was loads of fishing line plus plenty of other debris to pick up. Sean C stars the most in our vide...

Little Brother | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

What to do when your army of scoots start running out of power cos you've used them all day?! Hitch a ride or use two together!

Big Brother | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

No Oceanic Whitetips on this dive 🙁 we spent nearly all our time looking into the blue for them hence why there's not that much video footage of anything el...

Gota Abu Ramada | The Fifth Point Egypt 2020

What a beautiful dive. A lovely shallow reef with awesome coral bommies abd fish life galore.

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