A beautiful day for a beach clean!

The Great British Spring Clean: 5th March 2017

It’s not just beaches that we’re passionate about keeping clean – we can’t help but pick up any piece of litter we come across!

Now that the dive centre build is well underway, we’ve noticed that the Riverside Business Park is in a bit of a sorry state. There’s litter everywhere – the majority of which is food packaging.


The dive centre itself is sandwiched between the River Blyth and a small burn, surrounded by a wooded area which has suffered years of neglect. There’s evidence of fly tipping and a general build-up of rubbish – it’s an industrial area, so no one cares.

That’s until we came along!

We’ve adopted these two areas of land, and to kick start our ongoing project we completed our first clean-up as part of The Great British Spring Clean. We worked all afternoon and barely made a dint on the problem, but not to worry – we’ve got plenty of time to keep chipping away at this mess.

Our long-term plans are to clean up this area and keep it that way...

Rivers feed into the ocean. By preventing litter from entering up stream, we’re stopping it from impacting the sea and beaches while simultaneously improving river habitats. We’re going to encourage wildlife to make this land their home. We want wild flowers to flourish to attract bees and we’ll put up bird boxes and feeders for our feathered friends.

Many hands make light work, so if you’d like to get involved then get in touch!

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