You'll Not Get A Platsic Bag From This Dive Centre!

Nic's Been Busy Screen Printing Our Ethically Sourced, Customised Canvas Bags

We try our hardest to practise what we preach at The Fifth Point. Wherever we can, we cut down on waste and encourage divers to avoid single use plastics. 8 million tonnes of plastic goes into the ocean every single year. By 2050, scientists predict there'll be more plastic than fish in the sea. The pointless plastic bag is one of the worst culprits of marine debris. Easily mistaken for jellyfish by turtles, and as we've seen on the recent Blue Planet II, can cause a painful death for marine mammals and birds. 

Nic's always wanted to learn how to screen print, and designing a customised canvas bag seemed like the perfect opportunity! Our bags are made from natural cotton sourced from a SEDEX compliant factory in India. They're reusable, recyclable and biodegradable! 

When you put your regs in for service, you'll get them back in one of these limited edition bags. 

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