Riverside clean up

Another Record Breaking Haul

413kg from the riverside next to The Fifth Point

They say everything happens for a reason...

We totally messed up the tide times for this month's Surfers Against Sewage Beach Clean. Seeing as it was going to be high tide in the morning and therefore no beach to clean, we moved our volunteers to the Dive Centre instead.

There's a big problem with littering and fly tipping around Blyth Riverside Business Park...

but we never realised the full extend until this clean up! In just over an hour our awesome volunteers dragged three mattresses, eight car tyres, piles of clothes, a rabbit hutch, a chemical toilet, business signage, plus countless sacks of plastic bottles, cans and other rubbish from the woods to either side of The Fifth Point. The worrying thing is that this only scratched the surface - literally.

Our volunteers reported the layers of debris that's gone unnoticed for years...

They picked one piece of litter up, there was something else underneath it, and still more underneath that! Even with this build up, mother nature has taken hold and a lot of the debris is hidden by foliage - especially in the summer months. When autumn comes back round and the green dies off, you're reminded again of the crazy amounts that have accumulated once more.

Nic spent the time just over the road from base...

This is where workers from the units opposite the dive centre come for their cigarette breaks. Literally thousands of cigarette butts have been chucked on the ground. In just an hour she half-filled a big bucket with so much more still left to pick up. Contrary to popular belief, cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable. They're made from plastic and will continue to break up into fibres, adding to the huge problem of micro plastics. When it rains, the butts and fibres are washed down the path and road and into the nearby drain. There's no magic litter sieve in the drain channels. Anything washed down these drains will make their way to the river just meters away, and eventually to the open ocean.

Our Local Council are abolute LEGENDS

We've got to give a big shout out to the council who shifted the mammoth pile of rubbish before Nic and James even got to work the next day. It was like the pixies had taken care of everything overnight.

Join Us Next Time

We'll be out and about soon, both down at the beach and doing more work around the dive centre. If you'd like to get involved, keep an eye on our events page and Facebook page.

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