We had great fun at DIVE 2016 and we joined the fight to prove that wet wipes turn nasty when you flush them! As we conduct regular Beach Cleans reporting survey data back to the Marine Conservation Society, we thought we'd drop by their stall for a photo opportunity!

Did you know that you shouldn't flush wet wipes? Not even the flushable ones!

Wet wipes have been hitting the headlines lately with an estimated £88m being spent by water companies to remove 360,000 sewer blockages each year. As wet wipes don't disintegrate in the same way that toilet paper does, it causes all sorts of problems in our drains. 

Unfortunately, those peksy wet wipes regularly make it all the way through the water treatment system and out into the ocean. We pick up hundreds of them during our beach clean ups... we just try not to think of where they came from.... yuk. 


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