guided grey seal snorkel safaris at The Farne Islands

Get up close and personal with the cheeky grey seals of The Farne Islands. We'll set sail with our friends Sovereign Diving from Seahouses Harbour and head out for snorkelling adventures around the islands.

On the way, our experienced snorkel guides will teach you all about the life and habitat of the seals along with some guidelines for responsible interaction (they are wild animals after all!) We'll also give you your snorkel safari briefing covering safety points, communication and how to protect our fragile marine environments.

Once at the site, you'll hit the water with our guides in group no bigger than 5. If you're new to snorkelling, they'll teach you the basics like snorkel clearing and finning techniques before exploring the site. You could even get some practise in before your safari by booking some snorkelling lessons in our training tank.




Sunset Cruise

Equipment Hire

(please let us know your shoe size, dress or t-shirt size and height so we can bring equipment for you to try on)


Grey Seal Talk and Responsible Interaction Briefing

Safety Briefing

Snorkel Skills Workshop

Hot drink and cookies

Donation to Tynemouth Seal Hospital on your behalf


per person


Saturday 25th July @ 6.00pm

Saturday 8th August @ 6.00pm

Saturday 22nd August @ 6.00pm

Saturday 5th September @ 6.00pm

Saturday 12th September @ 6.00pm

Saturday 19th September @ 5.00pm

Saturday 26th September @ 5.00pm



We're so lucky to have these amazing snorkel sites right on our doorstep! The Farnes are a group of around 30 small islands and rocky outcrops a couple of miles off the Northumberland Coast. They're home to one of the biggest colonies of Grey Seals in the UK (some 5,000!). The place is home to a vast range of other wildlife too including guillemots, puffins, gannets and if you're really lucky you might even spot a dolphin or two!

The seals are super friendly. You'll learn about responsible interaction during your briefings. Snorkellers are not allowed to touch or stroke the seals... however... that doesn't mean they won't touch you! They are very curious and like nothing better than getting nice and close to snorkellers. They'll nibble on your fins, get eye to eye with you - you might even get a hug!


You don't need to be experienced to join our snorkel safaris - but it is important that you're comfortable in the water. If it's your first-time snorkelling (or just want to learn a bit more) your experienced snorkel guide will conduct a skills workshop at the start of your tour. They'll show you how to adjust and don your gear, clear your snorkel, clear your mask and how to use fins efficiently. Your guide will be with you at all times and will also have a safety float that you can hang on to (and even get a tow if you're feeling tired!)

Your wetsuits are very floaty, but if you'd like some extra lift, we also have snorkelling buoyancy aids for you to wear.

If you think it still sounds a little bit out of your depth, why don't you have a look at our snorkel lessons. You can jump in our training tank at the dive centre and build your confidence first.


All of your snorkelling equipment is included in the tour. Before your snorkel safari, you need to get in touch to let us know your shoe size, your dress or t-shirt size and your height. This way we can make sure that we bring the right equipment for you to try and get comfy!

You will wear:

  • A thick 5mm - 7mm wetsuit
  • Hoods, gloves and wetsuit boots
  • Fins
  • A mask and snorkel
  • A weight belt (for those who would like to do some duck diving)
  • A buoyancy aid (for those who want to remain firmly at the surface)

Anyone from the age of 10 years old can join us on our grey seal snorkels. However, we do ask that those aged 10 - 12 years do some initial training with us before they hit the sea. Check out the PADI Skin Diver Course for more information.