Build your water confidence, make friends, protect the environment

Water Safety & Intro to Snorkelling

At The Fifth Point

Team Bonding - meet the crew

Water Safety - learn how to stay safe in open water

Intro to Snorkelling - learn the basics of snorkelling


Skin Diving & Project AWARE Award: Part 1

At The Fifth Point

Skin Diving - Turn last week's surface snorkelling into breath hold diving

Project AWARE - Discover how fragile our ocean environment is, and what you can do to protect it


Skin Diving & Project AWARE Award: Part 2 

At The Fifth Point

Skin Diving - Fine tune your skin diving skills from last week

Project AWARE - Learn about ocean habitats around the world and the pressure they are facing


Beach Clean & Rockpooling

At a local site

Beach Clean - take part in a Marine Conservation Society survey and protect the ocean

Rockpooling - explore our local rock pools at low tide and learn about our local wildlife


Snorkel Safari Northumberland

At a local site

Put your newly acquired skin diving and snorkelling skills to use as you take part in a guided tour of a beautiful Northumberland site. We'll point out the critters you encounter on the way as you learn about life in the North Sea.


Snorkel Safari Northumberland

At a local site

You'll combine your expert skin diving skills with your passion to protect the ocean - let's do an underwater litter pick while we're exploring!



  • Participating in all 6 sessions earns you the Project AWARE specialist certificate
  • You can also top up to receive your PADI Skin Diver Certification for £50.00
  • Book multiple sessions on our website. If you'd prefer to pay weekly then get in touch.


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