PADI Advanced Open Water Course Northumberland
PADI Advanced Open Water Course Northumberland

Dive deeper.

Remove marine debris.

Become a citizen scientist.

If you have a lust for rust, a passion for ocean protection or a calling for the deep, you will absolutely love our themed PADI Advanced Course weekend adventures. 

Your PADI Advanced Course adventure allows you to explore more of what you love in diving with the help and support of your instructor.

You choose the theme of the weekend's adventure. Whether that's learning more about grey seals, diving on WW2 shipwrecks, learning more about marine biology - we've got something for everyone. You can even create your own adventure with our flexi packages.

  • Want to be able to dive deeper? You'll be certified to 3om!
  • Want to explore sunken wrecks? Let's go!
  • Want to learn more about grey seals? You got it!
  • Want to get more involved with ocean conservation? We'll teach you everything you need to know!

Adventures that protect the ocean.

At the heart of all our PADI Advanced Course adventures is a common theme. You will help protect the ocean.

As part of your adventure, you'll take the PADI Dive Against Debris specialty course. You will learn the skills required to remove marine debris from the ocean. You'll become a citizen scientist for the PADI AWARE Foundation, collecting critical survey data from every dive that can be used by marine researchers and policymakers for conservation efforts.

Each adventure is chock full of Dive Against Debris dives, plus you will get the chance to take part in beach cleans and more.

You pick the adventure

We’ll use the PADI Advanced Open Water Course as a basic framework for your adventure coupled with the PADI Dive Against Debris course. This means you'll finish the weekend with at least two PADI qualifications. You'll be certified to dive to 30m and be able to carry out debris surveys on every dive. 

Before you head off, you’ll improve your core skills in navigation, propulsion and buoyancy during some training tank and big pool sessions.

Your weekend will be based on your chosen theme. We'll add extra activities, training, and PADI courses that you will absolutely love, plus you'll dive deeper than you've ever dived before! It will certainly be a weekend to remember! 



Based in and around Seahouses in Northumberland, you'll explore beautiful shore diving sites like Beadnell and Bamburgh.

You'll take the boat to the famous Farne Islands for the chance to dive with some cheeky sea doggos.

You'll also take some grey seal protection training where you'll learn how to interact responsibly and protect these amazing pinnipeds.




Based in Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders, it's perfect for budding marine biologists, or anyone with an interest in marine conservation.

You'll take a course in fish identification and get involved with a beach clean and nurdle hunt.

You'll get the chance to dive by boat in the stunning St Abbs Marine Reserve where you'll be blown away by the amount of marine life.




Based out of Dunoon in Scotland, you'll get the chance to explore amazing sunken WW2 ships and beautiful rocky reefs.

Your lust for rust will be truly satisfied with a mix of dives along the loch shore and boat dives.

You'll put your new skills to good use as you help protect these amazing structures by removing marine debris wherever you find it.


Want to create your own theme?

We've turned our most popular requests into the packages above, but if you've got your own passion you'd like to follow, we're here to make it happen! We can create all sorts of different themes, just let us know your dream and we'll take care of the rest! 

Prices for bespoke packages start at £795.00

PADI Advanced Course

What's involved?

Become a PADI Advanced Open Water diver and follow your diving passions at the same time. With prices starting from around £550.00 you’ll receive amazing scuba diving training that certifies you to 30m, teaches you how to remove and report marine debris plus more depending on your chosen adventure. 

  • In-depth independent study. Learn more about your chosen dives with PADI's elearning and our very own video-led learning.
  • Confined water sessions. Jump in our training tank and pool with your instructor to practice navigation, buoyancy and propulsion techniques before your weekend starts.
  • Open water dives.  Depending on your chosen adventure, you'll complete at least 5 open water dives with a mixture of shore and boat dives.
  • Create your own adventure. Choose from our themed weekends or feel free to create your own!


The PADI Advanced Course is the next step for divers who already hold a beginner's qualification like the PADI Open Water Course.

Before you begin your adventure, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be at least 12 years of age (although this depends on the time of year - there's more info about this in the "is this adventure suitable for kids?" section)
  • You must be in good physical health and complete this Medical Statement (Please take a look at this form. It's a self-declaration of your fitness to dive by answering a series of yes/no questions. Depending on your answers, you may need to take the form to your GP to get signed off as fit to dive before you can hit the water.)

The PADI Advanced Course is the next step on your diving journey. Learn from the best, most experienced, and passionate instructors in the region and continue your journey the right way. We are committed to developing divers with outstanding skills and who share our environmentally conscious attitude towards scuba diving.

Your training is all about YOU.

YOU choose the adventure.

This isn't your bog-standard PADI Advanced course. it's sooo much more than that! We've created a whole weekend of adventure, the Advanced course is just the framework. You can choose from one of our popular themes, or if there's something you're passionate about exploring just let us know. We can create a bespoke experience just for you!

Our credentials.

We are a PADI 5* Instructor Development Centre which means our team train everyone from beginner divers just like you, all the way up to instructor level.

Nic and Jim (the co-founders of The Fifth Point) have been teaching people to dive for over a decade. They have created a very special team of instructors and divemasters. They're amazing in the water, but most importantly they're going to make sure that you feel welcome and like you're part of the family.

Our commitment to protecting the ocean.

The ocean is a very special place. It's our playground, our office, our happy place. It's also the world's life support system. Without it, there would be no life on Earth.

As a scuba diver, you will witness first-hand the pressures that the ocean face. From the devastating impact of climate change on underwater habitats to the issues caused by marine debris.

As a scuba diver, you also have the skills to do something about it!

Your actions on land and underwater can directly protect the ocean. You'll learn how to conduct Dive Against Debris surveys so you can get involved in underwater clean-ups to remove the trash that can kill marine life.

Diving with The Fifth Point is joining an army of like-minded eco-divers who do everything they can to protect what they love.


All our PADI Advanced Open Water adventure weekends consist of 3 main phases:

  • Knowledge Development
  • Confined Water Dives
  • Open Water Dives

Knowledge Development

You'll work through your Knowledge Development in your own time using awesome PADI elearning and video-led learning that we've developed ourselves. We'll help you get this all set up when we see you. Don't worry - there's not as much homework compared to the knowledge development you compted for your open water course!

Confined Water Sessions

Before your adventure weekend kicks off, you'll complete some confined water sessions to get prepared for what's to come.

You'll jump in our training tank at the dive centre for a buoyancy workshop. You'll also jump in on a big pool session at Astley High School for a Navigation and Propulsion workshop. We can arrange this to suit your schedule.

Open Water Sessions

Depending on the adventure you've picked, you'll complete at least 5 dives in Open Water. This will include a Navigation Dive, Deep Dive, Dive Against Debris Dive and more depending on your chosen theme.


Our PADI Advanced Open Water adventure weekends start at £550.00. This includes your core training (the PADI Advanced Open Water Course), the Dive Against Debris course, certification and all your equipment rental. Depending on your chosen weekend, it might also include things like accommodation, meals, environmental activities and other courses.

You can find full details of what exactly is included before you book. 

If you've been looking into the PADI Advanced Course, you may have noticed that our prices are slightly higher than other centres both at home and abroad.

There's a few reasons for this and we've summarised them below. If you'd like to read about it in more detail, check out this article we wrote that explains things a bit more.

  • We only teach the PADI Advanced Course in small groups and if weekend training is no good for you, we've got fully flexible options where you can choose the schedule.
  • We pay our instructors for their work.
  • We are committed to protecting the ocean
  • Our team is amazing and you'll use top of the range scuba equipment
  • Our facilities are second to none.

We always suggest that you get in touch with all of the other dive centres too. You need to find the centre that has the right feel for you. You also need to find the instructors who you click with the most, you're going to be spending a lot of time with them after all! The only way you can do this is by sending emails, phoning up, or best of all calling in for a visit to meet the team.

We wrote a little blog post that will help you choose the perfect dive centre. You can read more here.

You will use top of the range, modern diving gear during your adventure. In fact, you'll be wearing exactly the same equipment as your Instructor! We'll make sure that you've got gear that fits you properly, is comfortable to wear and straight forward to use.

We supply everything you need including:

  • xDeep Zeos backplate, harness and wing buoyancy device
  • Apeks XL4 long hose regulator
  • xDeep integrated weight system and weights
  • Fourth Element Hydros 7mm semidry wetsuit or Aqualung Fusion/Avatar dry suit with Fourth Element Artic undersuit
  • Fourth Element 3mm or 5mm hoods and gloves
  • Fourth Element 5mm Pelagic boots
  • Apeks RK3 fins
  • Aqualung i300c diving computer
  • A scuba diving air cylinder to best suit your size (choose from 7L, 10L and 12L tanks)
  • A wide selection of masks to choose from

Rental of all your dive equipment is included in your adventure. You are more than welcome to bring any of your own personal dive gear, but if anything is missing from your kit bag we can plug the gaps.

If you'd like to invest in any new gear we can give you all the advice you need. Our divers also get great discounts from our store at The Honest Diver Supply Co!

Our PADI Advanced Open Water Course adventures are suitable for 12 years+ although it will differ slightly compared to an adult adventure.

We like to sit down with parents and guardians to work out the perfect adventure based on their child's interests, learning styles, maturity, strength etc.

For 12 to 15 year olds

  • PADI places a depth restriction on youngsters under 15. After their adventure, they will be certified to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 21m when accompanied by an adult certified diver.
  • We recommend that kids join adventures in the warmer months (May to September) when the conditions are more favourable for young people.

For 15 to 18 year olds

  • There's no depth restictions for this age range

If you'd like to discuss this more, just give us a shout!

There is so much more fun to have, here's just a few suggestions!

Join The Submerge Scuba Subscription

Our Diver Subscription is the perfect way to keep diving after your PADI Advanced Course adventure. It's aimed at divers who want to get out in the water regularly without it costing the earth.

There's different membership levels that include...

  • FREE guided dives each month
  • FREE equipment rental each month
  • FREE training tank sessions every month
  • FREE Astley High pool sessions every month
  • 10% discount on retail at The Honest Diver Supply Co
  • 10% discount on courses
  • Access to our closed Facebook group for online training, bants and support
  • Priority booking on all dives, trips and environmental activities
  • Invites to monthly socials
  • and much more...

Find out more...

Continue your education and adventures with the PADI Rescue Diver Course

The next step on the ladder is the PADI Rescue Diver Course. You'll become the buddy that everyone wants to dive with as you learn to handle any situation diving might throw at you.

Find out more...

Start the path to Master Scuba Diver

The Master Scuba Diver rating places you in an elite group of respected divers who have earned this rating through both significant experience and scuba training. Every diver should aim for Master Scuba Diver.

To qualify you need to:

  • Be a PADI Open Water Diver
  • Be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Be a PADI Rescue Diver
  • Hold 5 PADI Specialty Diver certifications
  • Log 50 dives