PADI nitrox course
PADI enriched air nitrox course

Stay longer in your happy place.

Perfect for multiple diving days.

"I just wish I could spend more time down there!"

How many times have you said this to your buddy after the most amazing dive?!

With the PADI nitrox course, you can extend your bottom times and shorten your surface intervals allowing you to spend longer underwater exploring.

PADI enriched air nitrox course

What's involved?

The PADI Nitrox Course teaches you everything you need to know to use enriched air nitrox on your dives. After some self-study with your elearning, you'll join your instructor for a chilled out classroom session where you'll apply your new knowledge to real nitrox diving.

You'll practice...

  • Analysing your tanks and recording your mix on the nitrox log
  • Marking up your tanks so you know which is yours
  • Setting your computer to dive with nitrox
  • Planning dives based on your mix

Although your PADI Nitrox Course is technically a "classroom only" course, what's the point in learning all this if you can't get in the water! You'll get the chance to dive with nitrox on your next dives with The Fifth Point.

What's included?

Your PADI Nitrox Course costs £195.00 per person and includes...

  • PADI Nitrox Course elearning
  • Practical classroom session
  • 2 tanks of 32% nitrox to use on your next dives with The Fifth Point
  • Certification e-card with limited-edition PADI AWARE design
  • Donation to PADI AWARE on your behalf

Join one of our scheduled nitrox courses below.

If there's not a date that works for you, just get in touch! We can arrange one just for you.


Diving with nitrox has some amazing benefits - you can stay down for longer, shorten your surface intervals and extend the bottom times of your repetitive dives too. If you're diving lots in the 30m range, planning lots of dives in a day or you'll be diving multiple days on holiday, the PADI Nitrox Course will be perfect for you. If you've got a diving holiday or a liveaboard trip coming up, being able to dive with nitrox is going to be epic!

BUT, nitrox diving might not be for you if you're a bit of a gas guzzler...

If you normally suck through a scuba tank pretty fast, you'll probably find you won't reap the benefits that nitrox offers. Your dives will be cut short because your tank is running low so you never actually get to extend your bottom times.

If that sounds like you, it might be an idea to get in touch for some gas consumption workshops where we can help you work on techniques to improve your breathing rates.

The PADI Nitrox Course is for qualified divers who are looking to learn how to use enriched air to extend their bottom times.

As the PADI Nitrox Course is classroom based, you'll not need a medical to take part. However, if you want to make use of the 2 nitrox tanks that are included in your course on your next dives with The Fifth Point, you will need to complete a medical form.

It's a self-declaration of your current health and fitness through a series of yes/no questions. Depending on your answers, you may need to visit your GP and get signed off as fit to dive before you can hit the water.

You can take a look at it here.

Get in touch if you have any questions about this. 

The PADI Nitrox Course is open to all divers regardless of their original training agency.

Your PADI Nitrox Course will cost £195.00 and includes:

  • PADI Nitrox elearning
  • A chilled out classroom session with your instructor
  • 2 tanks of 32% nitrox to use on your next dives with The Fifth Point
  • Certification e-card with a limited edition PADI AWARE design

If you've been looking into the PADI Nitrox Course, you may have noticed that our prices are slightly higher than other centres in the region.

There's a few reasons for this and we've summarised them below. If you'd like to read about it in more detail, check out this article we wrote that explains things a bit more.

  • We pay our instructors for their work
  • We are committed to protecting the ocean
  • Our team is amazing and you'll use top of the range scuba equipment
  • Our facilities are second to none

We always suggest that you get in touch with all of the other dive centres too. You need to find the centre that has the right feel for you. You also need to find the instructors who you click with the most, you're going to be spending a lot of time with them after all! The only way you can do this is by sending emails, phoning up, or best of all calling in for a visit to meet the team.

We wrote a little blog post that will help you choose the perfect dive centre. You can read more here.

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