PADI Women's Dive Day

Try scuba diving for the first time.

All-female team.

Celebrating PADI Women's Dive Day.

Calling all adventurous ladies!

We're celebrating PADI's Women's Dive Day - a whole day dedicated to introducing more women to scuba diving.

Led by our incredible team of all-female staff, you won't need any prior experience, just dive right in under the guidance of your instructor and discover a whole new world.

Forget your worries about how you'll look in a wetsuit - we're all in the same boat! We'll let you into a little secret… we love our wetsuits because they act like full-body spanx!

You'll learn how your equipment works, how to control your position in the water and you're even going to have a go at some core skills that every diver needs to master.

If you fall in love with being underwater during your try scuba diving session, you have already started to build the foundations needed to progress onto the next step - learning to dive and becoming a fully qualified diver with the skills to protect the ocean.

What's involved?

You will start your diving adventure as soon as you've booked your session with instant access to your PADI online course. This will introduce you to some important diving fundamentals as well as a preview of what you will do during your try scuba diving session.

When you arrive at the dive centre, your instructor will give you a chilled out pre-dive briefing by the fire. You'll get to grips with your equipment so you know exactly how it works plus make sure it fits perfectly. 

Once you're suited and booted, you'll jump in the water for around 1 hour of bubble blowing fun. With a maximum of two ladies per session, you'll get plenty of attention from your instructor.

Our on-site training tank is just over 3m deep, but you'll start on the nice shallow platform as you build up your confidence. The tank even has windows so we can snap photos and take videos of your underwater adventure.

Afterwards, we'll celebrate your massive achievement with a glass of fizz or soft drink if you prefer!


Try scuba diving is suitable for complete novices. You don't need any prior scuba diving or snorkelling experience, although it does help if you feel generally confident in the water.

Before you begin your adventure, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be at least 10 years of age (although this depends on the time of year - there's more info about this in the "is this adventure suitable for kids?" section)
  • You must be in good physical health and complete this Medical Statement (Please take a look at this form. It's a self-declaration of your fitness to dive by answering a series of yes/no questions. Depending on your answers, you may need to take the form to your GP to get signed off as fit to dive before you can hit the water.)

During your try scuba diving adventure, you will learn from the best, most experienced, and passionate instructors in the region.

Your session is all about YOU.

This is a brand new experience and we want you to enjoy every single second.

  • You will go at your pace, progressing only when you feel ready.
  • There's only you, your buddy (if you're bringing one) and your instructor in this session. You have the full attention of your instructor at all times.
  • Our team are super friendly and are here to make sure you feel safe and confident.

Our credentials.

We are a PADI 5* Instructor Development Centre which means our team train everyone from beginner divers just like you, all the way up to instructor level.

Nic and Jim (the co-founders of The Fifth Point) have been teaching people to dive for over a decade. They have created a very special team of instructors and divemasters. They're amazing in the water, but most importantly they're going to make sure that you feel welcome and like you're part of the family.

Our commitment to protecting the ocean.

The ocean is a very special place. It's our playground, our office, our happy place. It's also the world's life support system. Without it, there would be no life on Earth.

As a scuba diver, you will witness first-hand the pressures that the ocean face. From the devastating impact of climate change on underwater habitats to the issues caused by marine debris.

We are committed to protecting the ocean and developing an army of eco-warriors to help. Are you the next recruit??

You will use top of the range, modern diving gear during your try scuba diving adventure. In fact, you'll be wearing exactly the same equipment as your Instructor! We'll make sure that you've got gear that fits you properly, is comfortable to wear and straight forward to use.

We supply everything you need including:

  • xDeep Zeos backplate, harness and wing buoyancy device
  • Apeks XL4 long hose regulator
  • xDeep integrated weight system and weights
  • Fourth Element Hydros 7mm semidry wetsuit or Aqualung Fusion One/Azdry dry suit with Fourth Element Artic undersuit
  • Fourth Element 3mm or 5mm hoods and gloves
  • Fourth Element 5mm Pelagic boots
  • Apeks RK3 fins
  • A scuba diving air cylinder to best suit your size (choose from 7L, 10L and 12L tanks)
  • A wide selection of masks to choose from

How fit do I need to be to scuba dive?

You need to be relatively fit to try scuba diving.

Before you hit the water, you will need to complete a Medical Statement questionnaire. Take a look through the questions here. Depending on your answers, you might have to take this form to your GP and get signed off as fit to dive before you hit the water.


Do I need to be able to swim?

You don't need to be able to swim to try scuba diving, but it is a good idea that you are generally confident in the water.

The try scuba diving session is suitable for 10 years+ although we need your help to make sure that your youngun is up for the adventure.

Our training tank is not heated. We keep it around the same temperature as the sea to create more realistic conditions while we're training. Our wetsuits will help keep everyone warm, but in our experience, under 15's do tend to feel the cold during their try dives in the winter months.

If you think your youngun can brave the cold, they are welcome to try scuba diving all year round. However, we generally suggest that the colder months (between November and the end of April) are more suitable for those aged 15+.

You know them better than anyone so if you'd like to discuss this more, just give us a shout!

Once you realise you've fallen in love with scuba, the skills you learnt during your try scuba diving session can credit towards becoming a fully qualified diver.

Find out more about learning to dive