Guided snorkel in Northumberland
Snorkel in Northumberland

Explore beautiful shallow reefs.

Encounter incredible marine life.

Perfect for beginners.

You are spoilt rotten for amazing places to snorkel in Northumberland.

Join our experienced instructors for a guided tour of one of our beautiful shallow reefs. As you explore, you will encounter an abundance of local marine life. The Northumberland coast is teeming with life with everything from crabs and lobsters to little cat sharks and grey seals!

These safaris are perfect for beginners and those aged 10+.

If you are new to snorkelling, you will take part in an introductory workshop. With guidance from your instructor, you'll learn how to clear your mask and snorkel plus how to swim using fins. You'll also learn how to interact responsibly with your environment while in the water. You'll follow the Green Fins code of practice to ensure you protect the delicate habitats you explore.

For salty sea dogs, your guides can take you to more adventurous places where you can practice basic free diving techniques and leave the surface behind.

To do your bit to protect the ocean, you'll help us remove any litter you find underwater on the beach. We'll also make a donation on your behalf to the local seal hospital at Tynemouth Aquarium.

Price: £45.00 per person (requires a minimum of 2 snorkelers to run the adventure)

Suitable for: Adults and accompanied children ages 10+.

Beach clean and snorkel in Northumberland

Help us protect the ocean.

When you snorkel in Northumberland, you will connect with the ocean and realise that our local, cold water reefs are just as delicate as their tropical cousins. We want to do everything we can to protect the habitats and marine life that lives there, and we need your help!

We operate a strict passive interaction policy when we snorkel. This means that there is no touching, taking or chasing marine life.

We also make sure to minimise our impact on the ocean in general. We don't touch the bottom or stir up sediment while we snorkel and if we find any litter during our adventure we make sure to remove it.

Your instructor will introduce you to the Green Fins code of conduct during your briefing and will help you become a responsible snorkeller during your safari.

What's included?

  • All snorkelling equipment  (you can let us know your shoe size, dress or t-shirt size and height when booking)
  • Experienced guide
  • Responsible snorkelling and safety briefing
  • Donation to Tynemouth Seal Hospital on your behalf

No dates that work for you?

Get in touch and we'll see what we can do!



We're so lucky to have these amazing snorkel sites right on our doorstep! With shallow reefs peppering the whole length of our coastline, it's a cracking place to explore under the waves.

We regularly spot crabs, lobsters, nudibranchs (they look like pokemon!), flatfish, butterfish, pollock, kelp beds, anemonies... the list goes on and on! If you're really lucky, you might even bump into a resident grey seal, angler fish, cat sharks, octopus or spot a pod of dolphins passing by in the distance.

You don't need any prior experience to snorkel in Northumberland, but it is important that you feel generally comfortable in the water.

For complete beginners, your instructor will show you how to clear your mask and snorkel and how to swim with fins during a skills workshop. You'll complete this in the shallows and only progress when you're feeling confident.

There's some important things to be aware of:

  • Your wetsuits are super floaty and your guide will have a tow float that you are more than welcome to hold on to. You should be prepared to swim during your tour but your guide can pull you along for a short while if necessary.
  • You will be in the North Sea - it can be nippy. The water temperature will be around 12°c but your wetsuit, hoods and gloves will keep you toasty warm.


All of your snorkelling equipment is included in the tour. Before your snorkel safari, you need to get in touch to let us know your shoe size, your dress or t-shirt size and your height. This way we can make sure that we bring the right equipment for you to try and get comfy!

You will wear:

  • A thick 5mm - 7mm wetsuit
  • Hoods, gloves and wetsuit boots
  • Fins
  • A mask and snorkel
  • A weight belt (for those who would like to do some duck diving)
  • A buoyancy aid (for those who want to remain firmly at the surface)

Anyone from the age of 10 years old can snorkel in Northumberland. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.

Your meeting point will be detailed in your booking confirmation, including a Google Maps pin so you can plug it into your satnav. We'll have some paperwork for you to fill in before we head off.

It works best if you come with your swimming cozzies already on underneath as there are no changing facilities at our snorkelling sites. For afters, changing robes or a big towel work well.

Before you hit the water, your guide will give you a safety briefing and also go over how to interact with marine life responsibly. You'll wade into shallow water from shore where your guide will complete a snorkel skills session before heading out on the guided tour. We're usually in the water for about an hour but the tour can be cut short if you're feeling the cold.

You can find more details about our cancellation policy plus all the other terms and conditions here.