Join our Submerge Scuba Subscription
Join the Submerge Scuba Subscription

Dive regularly and help protect the ocean.

Guided sea dives, gear and practice sessions all included.

Let's go diving!

Looking to dive more regularly? Having trouble finding a buddy? Need to rent equipment? Prefer having a guide rather than jumping in on your own? Don't want any of this to cost the earth?!

If this sounds like you, we think our Submerge Scuba Subscription will be right up your street! Think of it like a gym membership but for scuba diving. You'll be able to use it to explore the beautiful Northumberland coastline under the guidance of the amazing team at The Fifth Point.

Let us take care of all the logistics for you. We'll sort your kit and take it to the dive site, provide an experienced guide for your small group, and have shore cover available throughout the day with all our safety equipment on standby. All you need to do is show up, kit up and jump in!

Go diving regularlyin Northumberland with the Submerge Scuba Subscription

What's involved?

You'll be joining an awesome team of Submerge divers. They're all super friendly and hold every type of qualification you can imagine. We have divers who are fresh out of their beginner training and salty sea dogs who've been diving for years. It doesn't matter what agency you've trained with in the past, everyone is welcome here!

We're out diving every weekend of the season (April - end of October) and we're spoilt rotten for dive sites in Northumberland. We'll shore dive and boat dive, reef dive and wreck dive. You'll even be able to join our trips to fantastic destinations further afield - Submerge Scuba Subscription members get first dibs!

Joining Submerge also means you are committing to protecting the ocean. You'll be able to get involved with marine conservation activities like litter picks and surveys. You'll dive in an environmentally responsible manner and the team will help you become a true eco-diver.

What's included?

Your Submerge Scuba Subscription is £54.00 per month and includes:

  • 1 diving day each month and you'll do 2 dives on the day
    • You'll be part of a small team of 4 divers supported by 2 guides
    • Shore diving days are included in your subscription
    • You can join a boat diving day by topping up to cover your boat ride. You'll pay this in cash on the day to the skipper.
    • You can add as many extra diving days as you like for £45.00 (although they're subject to availability)
  • 4 practice sessions to use either in our training tank at The Fifth Point or during one of our big pool sessions at Astley Community High School
  • Every single piece of equipment you need to borrow - we'll pack it and bring it to the site for you, we'll even clean it for you after the dive!
  • 10% discount on all training at The Fifth Point
  • 10% discount on diving equipment from The Honest Diver
  • First dibs on spaces for holiday trips


If you're wanting to go diving regularly, Submerge is fantastic value for money!

To give you an idea, our non-membership/pay-as-you-go prices look like this:

2 x guided shore dives = £100.00

Kit rental = £60.00/day

4 x Tank/big pool session = £240.00 (£60.00 each)

TOTAL = £400.00

Your Submerge Scuba Subscription only costs £54.00 per month

You get everything listed above, every single month plus discounts on kit and training and first dibs on trips.

If you want to do more than one diving day each month, you can top-up £45.00 per day.

We know how expensive scuba diving is as a hobby. The whole idea of Submerge is to keep you diving regularly without it costing the earth. Your training is expensive, so don't invest all that time in yourself and then never use your skills!

Each month, you will be able to book:

  • A diving day with 2 guided dives
    • Shore dives are included in your membership
    • Boat dives need a top-up fee to cover your boat ride. You'll pay it directly to skipper on the day.
    • You'll be in a small team with 4 divers and 2 guides and shore support too.
  • 4 practice sessions for use in the training tank at The Fifth Point or big Pool Sessions at Astley High School - you can mix and match
  • Full kit hire for diving days, tank sessions and big pool sessions

Being a Submerge member also means you'll get 10% off training at The Fifth Point, 10% off kit at The Honest Diver and first dibs on all our holidays.


The only things that are not included in your Submerge Scuba Subscription are boat fees and entry fees to inland lakes.

If you'd like to use your diving day allocation on a boat dive, you will need to top up £75.00 for your space on the boat. You will pay this in cash to the skipper on the day. In the event of a no-show, we'll charge your card £75.00+VAT and transfer the money to the skipper for you.

Most of our divers sign up for the full season (1st April till 31st October) with direct debits taken on the 1st of each month.

If you'd prefer to dive for less time, there's a minimum commitment to Submerge of 3 months. This might work for you if you only fancy diving in the warmest months!

Submerge is for all qualified divers and is suitable for divers of all levels. There's no ego here! It doesn't matter what training agency you learnt with, where you've dived before or how many dives you've got under your belt. The Submerge team is a bunch of amazing divers who just want to go and have some fun.

If it's been a while since your last dive, we'll ask you to book a Refresher before your subscription begins. With a session in the training tank alongside an instructor, you'll set yourself up to have a fantastic time during subs.

If you've never dived in the UK before we'll ask you to book a Cold Water Diving Workshop before your subscription begins. This will get you used to cold water diving and performing skills in thicker suits, hoods and gloves.

If you've never used wing and longhose before, we'll ask you to book a Wing and Long Hose Try Dive so one of the team can orient you to the new configuration and get all your sizes perfect before you start using it on subs dives.

We are sooo lucky to have amazing dive sites on our doorstep here in Northumberland. We're out every weekend and when the conditions are good, as much as we can during the week too!

We spend a lot of time at Beadnell and The Farne Islands plus we venture just over the border to Eyemouth and St Abbs regularly too. In the summer months we dive closer to base at St Mary's and Collywell to make the most of the conditions. We do shore dives and boat dives, and while we try and dive in the ocean as much as we possibly can, if mother nature is against us and the sea is blown out then we'll sometimes head to some cool inland sites too.

We've got sites that are perfect for every level of diver, so whether you're a baby diver or a technical god, there's something for you to enjoy!

And of course, we do like to get around a bit too! We organise regular getaways around the UK and abroad, and lucky Submerge members always get first dibs. In fact, Submerge members usually nab all the dive places and they never actually make it to general sale!!


Once you've signed up, you'll get access to the private Submerge members area. From here you can book your tank sessions, big pool sessions, dives, trips, environmental activities - you name it!

We work on a first-come, first-served basis but if you miss out, you can always join the waiting list and get notified if someone drops out.

We ask for 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a dive to give us time to fill your space. Last-minute cancellations will use up your credit for that session this month.