the new PADI medical form

Our New Fun Diver Policy Has Landed

Our insurance policy has changed and we're now required to ask for a bit more information before you come diving with us.

This change applies to:

  • Qualified divers who join us on shore dives;
  • Qualified divers who join us for boat dives;
  • Qualified divers who take part in any of our workshops either in the training tank, swimming pool or open water.

It doesn't apply to students taking courses as we'll already have this information as part of your student records.

Our Dive Paperwork and Roster at Open Water sites will remain the same, but before your next dive, you'll need to complete our "Diver Pack". This includes important information like dive certification details, insurance details, emergency contacts and a medical questionnaire. This will be updated annually, and we'll keep your Diver Pack in our locked filing cabinet. It will be stored for 7 years after the date you last dive with us. When you're scheduled to dive, we will include your emergency contact(s) as part of our Emergency Action Plan - which we hope we'll never need to use!

You will recognise the medical form from all the courses you've completed. It's a self declaration of your fitness to dive. Any "yes" answer will require you to be signed off by your GP before you can hit the water with us. You can take another look, and feel free to download if you'll be taking it to your doctor.

We've got exciting plans for a modern diving club that will launch next season. This is the first step to ensure that we are fulfilling our obligations to keep our divers safe.

Thank you for your understanding, do get in touch if you've got any questions, and let's get wet soon!

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