James, our co-founder, holding a toy dinosaur found when eco-diving with The Fifth Point

Are you passionate about the ocean?

Want to get involved in marine conservation?

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Hey there, thalassophile! 

You're in the right place. Welcome to The Fifth Point - a community of eco-divers who are committed to protecting the ocean, just like you!

We're not your usual PADI dive centre. We're a PADI Eco Dive Centre, environmental leaders in the UK, and we're all about diving with a purpose. From marine conservation projects to eco-diving courses, we're turning passion for the ocean into meaningful action.

Our mission? To get you involved in eco-diving!

We want to help you become an eco-diver who has the skills to get involved in our hands-on marine conservation projects including:

  • Developing exceptional buoyancy skills that are far beyond those expected of a casual recreational diver
  • Strengthening your knowledge of marine life and ecosystems through education and practical experiences like SeaSearch Surveys and Grey Seal research
  • Tackling the messy problem of marine debris during Dive Against Debris surveys
  • Nurturing your ability to work in a team and apply Human Factors in Eco-Diving during your adventures
Volunteer holding up a bucket full of rubbish collected during a beach clean with The Fifth Point's eco-diving community

How we help you make eco-diving waves

We get it, you love the ocean and you want to explore its reefs and wrecks, get up close with marine life, and also protect everything you love about it. So do we!

That's why we offer:

  • Eco-Diving Courses: Learn how to dive responsibly and contribute to marine conservation. Whether you're brand new to diving, a seasoned dive pro or even on the path to becoming a marine biologist, there's training to help achieve your goals.
  • An eco-diving community: Join Submerge, our army of eco-divers. They're out regularly along the Northumberland Coast and beyond conducting surveys, removing litter and reporting collected data
  • Marine Conservation activities: from beach cleans to Grey Seal ID projects, there's plenty of ways you can contribute to ocean health
Warm and inviting interior of The Fifth Point Dive Centre, featuring reclaimed materials

Why choose The Fifth Point?

It's simple. We're not just a dive centre; we're a movement. A community united by a shared passion for the ocean and a commitment to protect it.

Here's why we're the right fit for your eco-diving journey:

  • Trailblazers in Eco-Diving: Protecting the ocean literally runs through the very heart of our dive centre. Everything we do has a purpose, and that purpose is marine conservation. We were the first PADI Eco Centre in the UK (actually one of the first 11 in the world!), and we're setting the standard for responsible diving.
  • Our founder's journey: Nic and Jim discovered the importance of eco-diving while working in Malaysia. People thought they were insane to leave paradise and return to sunny Blyth to set up The Fifth Point. If you're interested in that journey, they wrote a blog explaining why they did it. Spoiler alert - they weren't totally mad after all! It allowed them to bring their much needed eco-diving ethos to the UK and raise awareness that our cold oceans are just as delicate as any tropical reef.
  • Our incredible team: We are privileged to work with some of the world's most passionate and knowledgeable dive professionals. Alongside their extensive knowledge of diving and the underwater world, each team member brings something unique to the table, from zoology to clinical psychology, design to health care, The Fifth Point boasts a truly unique team of instructors and divemasters.
  • The facilities: The Fifth Point Diving Centre is tailor-made for eco-diving. And keeping true to our conservation ethos, the building is made from as much reclaimed material our co-founders could get their hands on! We have an onsite training tank that mimics the temperature of the sea. This allows you to develop your skills in realistic North Sea conditions. You'll use top of the range kit (exactly the same as your instructors and guides!) while you learn modern techniques and responsible diving practices.
  • Eco-commerce: The Fifth Point is also home to our sister company The Honest Diver Supply Co. Every eco-diver needs environmentally conscious scuba gear, and you can get everything you need here.
  • Our safety standards: While we never expect anything bad to happen, our team are highly trained first aid and rescue divers just in case. We keep group sizes very small when we're out eco-diving (a maximum of 4 divers with two staff) and always have shore cover on hand with a full assortment of emergency oxygen, defibs and extensive first aid supplies.
  • You'll be in a psychologically safe space: We understand how intimidating it can be to come into a new sport and a new group of people. Our dive centre is super inclusive. We welcome everyone who has a passion for the ocean. The Fifth Point is a safe space where we can all ask questions, speak up if something doesn't feel right, and give each other valuable feedback. As part of your eco-diver training, you'll also learn about Human Factors in Diving which can improve communication, teamwork, situational awareness, problem-solving and more!


Ready to Dive In?

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Whether you're a diving newbie or a seasoned pro, there's a place for you in our community of eco-divers.

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  • Make an Impact: Participate in our next marine conservation activity.

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