Diving The Farnes in February

Winter Diving In The UK Really Is Awesome!

Heading out on a crisp winter morning from an empty Seahouses harbour - what's not to love? Winter diving at The Farne Islands is awesome! There's no hustle and bustle at the jetty, the car park is free and our friends at Sovereign Diving are happy to get out to the islands in calm seas for a reckie.

This weekend, thousands of seals were hauled out, moulting in the sunshine. As the boat approached, they came for a look which appeared to turn the rocks into jelly as the mass of seal blubber made it's way to the water.

You really can't complain with 2 - 3m viz in the winter. It certainly doesn't spoil the beautiful colours of the soft corals adorning the reef walls. It does change your focus though. Drawing your attention to the environment close to you. Scanning the nooks and crannies reveals tiny critters that you may normally miss. The kelp and rocks are covered in small shrimps, brittle stars and crabs. 

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