"I've not got enough tools"

                                            - every scuba equipment servicing technician ever


As a qualified ASSET Scuba Equipment Servicing Technician with years of experience servicing all different makes and models of scuba equipment, James has an impressive arsenal of tools at his disposal. If you look closely at his kit, there's even custom made tools that he's designed and had precision manufactured to help him with the trickiest of jobs. 

However, he's still adamant he needs more. We're pretty sure this is the mindset of a good scuba technician. After all, to do a good job you need the right tools! He is also part magpie... he can't resist those shiny things!

We're now definitely into winter - it was -1 ºc this morning! Are you still diving? If you find that your gear is due it s annual service, or you've just been diving so much during the season you think it could do with a check up, drop it in to the dive centre. James can service any model of regulator or BCD (providing he can get his hands on the parts). You'll get your precious gear back looking shiny and new. It'll even come in an ethically sourced canvas bag - there's no single use plastic bags at The Fifth Point! Nic has designed and screen printed each bag by hand - they're limited edition!

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