This Can't Be January?!

Two of our current RAID Open Water 20 students, Paul and Joe, were itching to get back in the water after their dry spell over Christmas. Having braved the cold to take a dip in Cawfields Quarry in December (complete with Santa outfits), they were craving an ocean hit - they weren't the only ones! 

Nic and James obsessively watch the conditions for winter diving in the UK. Praying for a break in the rough seas. That break finally came last weekend. After checking the conditions at Beadnell on Saturday, which looked pretty murky, the decision was made to head up to one of our favourite dive sites - Eyemouth Gullies. A quick phone call to Gary at DiveStay confirmed that the wind had dropped and viz was looking half decent. 

That was an understatement! When we arrived, the sea was flat calm and the shallows crystal clear. We couldn't believe we were getting these conditions in January! Unfortunately, the entrance to the water looked like it had been a victim of fly tipping. An old plastic Christmas tree (complete with baubles), a big rug, some electrical wire and an old motor had been dumped on the rocks. Who knows if anything else is now afloat in the sea. It really winds us up that some people can be so inconsiderate. We picked everything up and disposed of it responsibly on the way out. 

Clean up complete, we geared up and hit Greenends Gully with Joe and Paul while a couple of leisure divers went to explore Nestends. 

The viz was amazing for this time of year - a good 4m, and the temperature was a bracing 6deg. Paul and Joe nailed their skills including mask remove and replace which is no easy task in water this chilly. We explored the wall faces of the gully as it opened up to the ocean and rocky bottom. An abundance of critters and of course, marine debris. We collected everything we found, except two golf balls that were wedged tight between rocks. 

After a lovely 35 minute dive, we were starting to get cold so it was time to head back to the shore.

This dive site is fantastic for beginners and experienced divers alike. With an easy entrance and depths of around 15m it's perfect for a good bimble - plus the rocky bottom composition means that you're likely to get regular decent viz up here. 

If you'd like to join us on our next trip across the border, keep an eye on our Facebook events and register your interest. 

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