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I met Laura a couple of years ago. I knew as soon as I met her that she was a very special PADI Staff Instructor. She'd been teaching for a long time, had managed a dive centre before and been on amazing diving adventures all over the world. But there was something else about her... The thing that makes Laura unique is her "proper" job. She's a Clinical Psychologist and works with various types of therapy, but she specialises in the psychology of diving.

I noticed her teaching style straight away. It's very different - the consideration and preparation that goes into her sessions is insane. She has this crazy ability to guide her students to success by asking questions and allowing them to explore their own learning. It's amazing to watch her work. When a student encounters a problem or feels nervous, she helps them overcome the barrier by guiding their thought processes. She allows them to work out the solution themselves. It's so empowering for the student, and the supportive learning environment it creates is amazing.

I've learnt so much from working with her and I know you will too. You will experience her teaching style from a students' perspective as she delivers workshops on your course, but perhaps even more valuable are the skills that you'll be able to adopt in your own teaching style. She will show you how to create awesome relationships with your students as you learn how to approach barriers to learning from a completely different angle.



James is my dive buddy, my business partner, and he's my husband too (poor guy!) We met over 10 years ago through diving, when we were both baby Divemasters working at a small centre. Since then we've worked our way up in the industry, side by side, to create The Fifth Point and The Honest Diver. If you want to hear about our journey, check out the first episode of The Dive Pro Hub Podcast!

James has a very special talent for making things work. If there's a problem, he solves it. If he doesn't know something, he learns it. If somethings broken, he fixes it. He is the epitome of a well-rounded scuba diving instructor. In this industry, you need to be able to wear many hats. From educator to service technician, and compressor monkey to salesman - he can do it all!

He's got boatloads of teaching experience and I think you will learn valuable insights from him when it comes to the logistics behind delivering fantastic courses. His customer service skills are out of this world, and I really look up to him when he handles tricky situations effortlessly.

James is also a self-confessed kit nerd. He's like a walking product catalogue and always makes sure people choose the best scuba gear for them. He loves fettling kit and tweaking rigs to make them perfect. I think this is why he loves diving sidemount so much! But this rubs off on his teaching style too - his students are always happy and comfy and they trust him without question. They know he's always got their best interests at heart.

Ian & Helena


I'm going to be completely honest with you here - teaching first aid is not my forte. I can do it, but having met these guys and after actually being a student on their amazing courses, I now know how it's done by the pros!

I met Helena and Ian when we were still in the planning stages of The Fifth Point. We were all on a business accelerator program together. Back then, my business plan included having a first aid training department in the dive centre. I quickly realised that I would have no chance in that market place if I was up against companies like Life Saving Training! These guys are passionate about first aid training, especially outdoor first aid. They're part of the North Of Tyne Mountain Rescue team and they're avid divers themselves.

I was so impressed by them, I decided that they should deliver all of our first aid courses. This way I know my students are learning from the best and getting expert training. I always sit in on the training to refresh my knowledge and I learn something new every time!

You need to be a first aid instructor if you're going to be a scuba diving instructor. If it's something you love teaching and you do it well, perhaps it could become another income stream for you and your centre. Learn everything you can from these guys and I guarantee it'll take the courses that you deliver to the next level.



Harry is the glue that holds our dive centre together. We met not long after The Fifth Point opened when he came to do his Open Water Course. Ever since then, he's been an integral part of our team!

He is literally one of the most important people here, and that's pretty impressive for a 16 year old! Yeah, he looks older than that doesn't he?! Since leaving school, he's now with us full time.

Harry takes care of the day to day graft. He's gear washer, support diver, kit packer, tea maker (if you dare) all rolled into one amazing package. He's a Divemaster in disguise, and as soon as he turns 18 he'll fly through the pro courses!

Harry will be on hand to help you during your courses. He'll make sure all your gear is where it needs to be and he'll be your runner if you need him.



Everyone's favourite team member is Dive Dog Haldane! He always gives the friendliest of welcomes when you walk through the door and if you're in need of a cuddle, Hal's got your back.

He'll be watching you while you're working in the training tank, probably getting in the way in the classroom, and barking his head off while you're shore diving.