If you marvel at the beauty of the ocean and wonder how you can do more to protect it... you're not alone. The answer is to start eco-diving—a practice that's not just about exploring the ocean but also preserving it.

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It's not just a term we throw around; eco-diving is a whole new approach to underwater exploration. At its core, eco-diving is about diving responsibly and sustainably. But let's break it down a bit more.

The Eco in Eco-Diving

The "eco" in eco-diving stands for ecological, emphasising our focus on the environment. When you engage in eco-diving, you're not just a visitor to the underwater world; you're an active participant in its preservation.

Beyond the Dive

Eco-diving goes beyond just the dive itself. It starts with planning—choosing dive sites that are impacted by human activity, using eco-friendly gear, learning more about underwater habitats and marine life, and developing skills like good buoyancy to be able to perform marine conservation tasks. Every action is considered for its environmental impact.

Citizen Science

One of the coolest aspects of eco-diving is the role of citizen science. Many eco-divers collect data during their dives, whether it's counting fish species, documenting coral health, or removing marine debris and reporting types and weights. This data is invaluable for marine conservation efforts.

A Community Effort

Eco-diving isn't a solo endeavor; it's a community effort. Dive shops often organise eco-diving events, bringing together divers who share a common goal—making a positive impact on the marine environment. At The Fifth Point, every dive is an eco-dive. From picking up litter to videoing grey seals for our research project, every dive protects the ocean.

By diving the eco-way, you're not just exploring the ocean; you're actively contributing to its well-being. It's a fulfilling and enriching experience that leaves both you and the ocean better off.

Smiling diver walking out of the ocean holding trash, practicing eco-diving

The smile says it all—eco-diving is not just good for the ocean, it's fulfilling for the diver too.


The Ocean's Fragile State

Let's face it, our oceans are in a fragile state. Overfishing, pollution, and climate change are just a few of the challenges they face. As divers, we have a front-row seat to both the beauty and the plight of the underwater world. That's why eco-diving is not just a choice; it's a necessity.

A Shift in Perspective

Traditional diving often focuses on the thrill of the experience—the depth, the exotic species, and the underwater landscapes. While that's all well and good, eco-diving shifts the focus from consumption to conservation. It's not just about taking from the ocean but giving back to it.

The Ripple Effect

Think your individual actions don't make a difference? Think again. Eco-diving creates a ripple effect. When you dive sustainably, you set an example for other divers. You also support dive shops and organisations that prioritise eco-friendly practices, encouraging the industry to evolve.

Aligning with Global Goals

Eco-diving isn't just a local initiative; it's part of a global movement. As a Green Fins member and a PADI Eco Centre, The Fifth Point is committed to diving that's not just fun but also sustainable. These affiliations mean we adhere to international standards aimed at protecting marine life and ecosystems. When you choose to eco-dive with us, you're contributing to a collective action that has the power to make real change. It's diving with a purpose, on a global scale.

The Power of Awareness

Lastly, eco-diving fosters awareness. The more you learn about the marine environment and the challenges it faces, the more likely you are to take additional steps to protect it—both underwater and on land.

In a nutshell, eco-diving is not just beneficial; it's essential. It's a way for us, the diving community, to play an active role in marine conservation. And let's be honest, the ocean has given us so much; it's time we give back.



When it comes to marine conservation, eco-diving is a game-changer. It's not just about minimising harm; it's about actively contributing to the well-being of our oceans. Here at The Fifth Point, we take that mission to heart.

A Hands-On Approach

Eco-diving allows you to be more than just a spectator; you become a hands-on contributor to marine conservation. Whether it's participating in Dive Against Debris events or documenting the health of coral reefs, every dive becomes an opportunity to make a difference.

Education Meets Action

We believe that knowledge is power. That's why our Marine Biology Dive Training course doesn't just teach you how to dive; it educates you on the marine ecosystem and how you can protect it. It's a holistic approach that combines education with action.

Community Involvement

But it's not just about individual action; it's a community effort. We regularly collaborate with conservation organisations and participate in global initiatives to push the boundaries of what eco-diving can achieve in terms of marine conservation.

Inspiring Change

When you adopt eco-diving practices, you set an example for others. This creates a cycle of positive influence that goes beyond the diving community and impacts the broader effort to protect our oceans.

In essence, eco-diving is marine conservation in action. It's a way for us, the diving community, to give back to the ocean that has given us so much. And honestly, there's no better way to dive.

Diver working on a coral nursery frame, attaching coral fragments as part of an eco-diving initiative.

Hands-on conservation: A diver attaches new coral to a nursery frame, exemplifying the proactive approach of eco-diving.


Eco-diving isn't just good for the ocean; it's good for you too. Here's why:

A Richer Experience

Eco-diving adds depth to your underwater adventures. You're not just there for the sights; you're there to engage with the marine environment in a meaningful way. It's diving with a dash of purpose.

Skill Development

Eco-diving often involves specialised training, above and beyond a "regular" PADI course. This equips you with new skills and knowledge, making you a more competent and informed diver.

Human Factors in Diving

At The Fifth Point, we prioritise human factors like situational awareness, effective teamwork, and open communication. These elements not only enhance safety but also make your eco-diving experiences more impactful. They're so important that we even include a Human Factors in Diving Essentials class in our training programs.

A Sense of Accomplishment

There's something incredibly fulfilling about knowing your dive had a positive impact. Whether you helped remove debris or contributed to scientific research, the sense of accomplishment is real.

Joining a Like-Minded Community

When you choose to eco-dive, you're joining a community of divers who share your values and concerns for the ocean. It's a network of support and shared knowledge that enriches your diving experience. If you're looking for a deeper connection, our Submerge subscription is the way to go. As a member, you get regular training sessions, diving days, and the chance to participate in our marine conservation initiatives.



If you've made it this far, you're clearly passionate about diving and the ocean. But why choose eco-diving, and specifically, why dive with us at The Fifth Point?

It's More Than Just Diving

Here, eco-diving is not an afterthought; it's our ethos. Everything we do from beach cleans to snorkelling, beginner dive courses through to pros... is rooted in conservation and community.

Make a Difference

Every dive you take with us is a step towards a healthier ocean. Whether it's through direct conservation efforts or by being part of a like-minded community, you're making a tangible difference.

Dive with Purpose

When you dive the eco-way, every dive has a purpose. It's not just about the thrill; it's about contributing to something much larger than yourself.

Join the Movement

By choosing The Fifth Point, you're not just choosing a dive centre; you're choosing to be part of a movement. A movement that aims to protect our oceans for generations to come.

So, are you ready to take the plunge and make every dive count? We're here to guide you every step of the way.

Diver holding a crisp packet found during a Dive Against Debris, showcasing the importance of eco-diving.

A stark reminder of why eco-diving matters: a diver holds up a crisp packet found during a Dive Against Debris.


So, you're sold on the idea of eco-diving and you're wondering, "What's next?" Well, the ocean is calling, and here's how you can answer:

Get Certified

If you're new to diving, our Eco-Divers Course is the perfect starting point. This introduces you to the world of diving and opens the door to joining Submerge.

If you've got your heart set on a career in marine biology, our Marine Biology Dive Training might be up your street. It's not just a certification; it's an education in practical marine conservation that will help make your CV pop.

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