We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children

Cambois Beach Clean

The Great British Beach Clean: Cambois 18th September 2016 I encounter far too many people who couldn’t care less about the environment. I see fly tippers in broad daylight chucking boxes into hedges. Inconsiderate litterers throwing cigarette butts and fast food packaging out their car windows. Dog walkers dutifully picking up their pets poo, and […]

Why Did We Leave This Paradise Island?

I’m Not Crazy… Honest: Why I Left Paradise

I’m sure you’ve read countless blogs featuring the lucky adventurer with their stories of quitting their humdrum job, selling their worldly possessions and travelling the globe to find themselves.Maybe you’ve got friends who’ve done just that and the tirade of bikini clad, cocktail sipping, white sandy beach photos make you seethe with jealousy and question why […]