Naming The Newest Diving Centre In The North East

Naming the newest diving centre in the North East

A lot of people ask us where “The Fifth Point” came from…

Coming up with a name for a new business is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not just a name.

  • It must be memorable and catchy - after all it's got to stand out from all the other diving centres in the North East
  • It must be an available website domain
  • It must be something that doesn’t infringe on anyone’s intellectual property
  • But most importantly - it’s a brand.

Getting branding right is fundamental to any successful business. Neither James or I have a background in marketing so we made a conscious decision to get tooled up, attending seminars and training courses as soon as we knew we would be starting the business.

Of course, there aren’t many courses on “how to name your dive centre”, so we turned to the most creative people we know – our mates.

We started by making a big mind map of all the diving related words we could think of, along with a list of how we wanted our business to “feel”. This was our starting point and we hoped it would help our creative juices to flow. We also felt it was important to have the right atmosphere, an environment conducive to creativity and blue sky thinking… we assembled our team and off to the pub we went!

It’s funny how many of our key business decision are made in a pub…

Suggestions ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime, and looking back on the names that were jotted down, there probably should have been a 3 pint cut off point. You just can’t call your new dive centre “DiveyMcDiveFace”.

Mind map for inspiration

The next day we narrowed down our favourites

Have you ever sat and thought about a word, repeating it over and over in your head until you’re questioning whether it’s actually a real word? Well, the same happened with our name ideas. The more we repeated them, the stupider they sounded. Nothing clicked.

That was until we started talking about acronyms. There are sooo many acronyms in diving because there’s so many things you need to remember! Pre Dive Safety Checks (BWRAF), The Five Point Ascent (SORTeD) and The Five Point Descent (STELA) are the ones that we use the most.

Buddy Check Points
Five Point Descent
Five Point Ascent

They all have 5 points and The Fifth Point is always the best bit.

When you’re doing your buddy check The Fifth Point is “FINAL OK”: have you got everything, are you ready? Let’s go diving!

Before you leave the surface, The Fifth Point is “DESCEND”: we’re off, let’s go explore!

When air is low and it’s time to get back on dry land, The Fifth Point is “ASCEND”: Let’s finish the dive, get out and go to the bar!

And so, The Fifth Point was born. It’s the best point, the safe point, the exciting point, the social point.

We may be starting from humble beginnings, but we are passionate about what we do. Our team of instructors have already taught thousands of people how to dive. Could you be next?

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