Nic's always had environmentally conscious diving at heart

Nic's in the Project AWARE Spotlight!

We all know how hard Nic and James work to protect their beloved ocean environment. Now Nic has been recognised by Project AWARE and included in a spotlight article as part of their run up to PADI Women's Dive Day.

After four years working in Malaysia, Nic and James witnessed first-hand the effect of human pressures on fragile coral reefs. They saw the problems associated with irresponsible diving practises, pollution, over fishing and a general rise in ocean temperatures. They were passionate about doing as much as they could to help the struggling reefs around Tioman Island.

When it was time to return home to set up The Fifth Point, they knew that they had to bring their passion with them. Responsible diving practises are not confined to the tropics. There is a misconception in the UK that our cold waters are tough, and they can handle a bit of abuse. We so often see divers crawling over reefs and wrecks, kneeling on the bottom, holding rocks and kelp to help them stabilise themselves and of course, taking marine life.

There's no excuse for this, our cold water environment is just as fragile as any tropical sea. We have an abundance of delicate soft coral and seaweed. All areas of the sea bed, kelp forests and reef are teeming with life. It's common practise in warm water to not touch, take, tease or stir up the bottom. There's no reason why we should ignore these rules in the UK.


Read more about how Nic knew environmental conservation needed to be at the heart of The Fifth Point. 

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