The Only PADI Green Star Dive Centre in The UK!

We're stoked to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious PADI Green Star Award for our dedication to the environment. It recognises our efforts towards environmentally responsible business practices as well as our commitment to the conservation of underwater habitats.

PADI Green Star Award

Our eco-conscious values permeate every activity in our company, so to be awarded this badge of recognition is awesome. Protecting the ocean is so important to us. We're so lucky that we're in a position where we can share this passion with our divers and grow our little army of eco warriors.

OCEAN HEALTH: Keep Our Sea Trash Free

  • Project AWARE is at the heart of our business as we endeavour to foster an environmentally responsible attitude in our scuba divers.
  • We are a Project AWARE 100% Partner which means we make a donation to the cause on behalf of every student that we certify.
  • We are passionate about ocean protection. We conduct monthly beach cleans along our local coastline including at our Project AWARE Adopted Dive Site.
  • We Dive Against Debris on every dive and regularly submit survey data.
  • We formed a volunteer organisation called Our Sea Trash Free to engage divers and non-divers in environmental protection. Our Sea Trash Free won EBPC’s Volunteer Group of The Year Award in 2018 for our dedicated commitment to ocean protection.

MARINE LIFE: Protect What You Love

  • All our students, from Bubblemaker onwards, learn in wing and long hose configuration.
  • We emphasise the need for good buoyancy and trim and its role in environmental protection from the outset.
  • We regularly take part in juvenile lobster releases from our local hatchery to bolster lobster populations in the area.
  • Our team members are British Diver Marine Life Rescue members attending to callouts for seals, cetaceans and sea birds.


  • We regularly attend school, youth groups and local community events to conduct talks and workshops introducing individuals to the diving experience, industry and the fragility of our underwater world. (If you'd like us to come to your school or goup, get in touch!)
  • We break down barriers and empower women in diving.
  • We promote snorkelling safaris along our local coastline to bridge the gap and invite those who would not normally interact with the ocean to enjoy it’s beauty.
  • We educate our young divers about the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.


  • We can only appreciate the beauty of our underwater world if we're regularly in the ocean. We track and report changes at our local sites. Our divers are active and engaged.
  • We’ve worked hard to create a unique environment in The Fifth Point. Our warm welcome and chilled atmosphere makes everyone feel at home.
  • Our Diver Subscription keeps divers wet and working on environmental project.

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