12 super cool marine animals we have in the North Sea

On our dives, we see a lot of amazing marine flora and fauna. From creatures smaller than your pinky nail to 5 times the size of you. We host a load of cool critters. Here's my 12 personal faves!


I'm sure that it comes as no shock that Seals we’re not only on my list but the first on it. We’re so lucky to have over 5,000 Grey Seals right on our doorstep up at The Farnes. These interactive cuties love to have a good nibble on our fins, play with our cameras and give you a nice welcome to the underwater world. 


Resident Grey Seal at The Farne Island Nature Reserve, Northumberland

Dolphins and Porpoise

Often on our ride back to the Harbour from The Farnes we spot pods of Dolphins which like to dance with the boat. Plus, on our shore dives at Eyemouth we ALWAYS have our binoculars on hand as they travel behind the Gullies.


Bottlenose Dolphin just off The Farne Island Nature Reserve, Northumberland

Lion's Mane Jellyfish

These bad boys are one of my absolute faves, especially when the sun hits them at the surface and their colours are super vibrant! One of our Instructors, Tash, reckons she saw one bigger than her!


Jelly at The Farne Island Nature Reserve, Northumberland during one of our Snorkel Safaris


Co-founder Jim’s favourite! Octopus are often hiding under a rock or in a teeny tiny space so we don't see them all of the time but when we do it's phenomenal. A few months back we saw a huge one that went for a walk in Eyemouth! These creatures are so elegant yet pack a massive punch. 


Octopus in Nestends Gully, Eyemouth


Small yet a found fave. We’re ALWAYS on the hunt for Nudi’s and spend ages scouring the Kelp forests! They come in all different shapes, sizes and colours!


Subs member Emma's epic Nudi picture!



The closest that Northumberland gets to Shark diving! Catsharks aka Dogfish are often no larger than 1metre long but can be as small as 10cm! There are many species including Spotted Catshark. We spot Dogfish most commonly at our Beadnell sites as they commonly shoot out in front of us. 



Lumpsuckers can be found at our adopted dive sites in Beadnell, Lady and Knacker Hole. They’re rarely seen due to them being a deep water fish living up to several hundred metres below Sea level. However, they ascend to lay their eggs and are often spotted at the beginning of the Spring Season! 



These are suuuuper common at our sites. You’re almost guaranteed to spot one, especially at Eyemouth! We saw a HUGE Scorpionfish at Pettico Wick, St Abbs Nature reserve. The common Scorpionfish is red/brown in colour and has big puckered up lips. 


Dead Man's Finger

You think the UK hasn't got Coral? Think again! Our sites are absolutely littered with them. The Gully walls are covered top to bottom. Dead man's finger is a soft Coral and white/ orange in colour. This magnificent marine flora requires the exact same amount of respect and love as warm water Corals. They’re just as delicate and just as amazing.


Dead Mans Finger in Greenends Gully, Eyemouth

Dahlia Anemone

Just like the Jellies, their colours are absolutely stunning! The only thing missing from this Anemone is it’s Nemo! Even though there's no Clownfish, there's plenty of other fishies such as the Lumpsuckers and Scorpionfish I discussed before! They can be identified by their common striped tentacles. However, they can also be plain! Also, although they’re found at our Eyemouth site at around 12 metres, can live down to 100m. 


Dahlia Anemone at Eyemouth


Having 8-16 arms and an Orange/Red centre, this Starfish looks exactly like a Sun.  



Okay so I must confess… this isn't really a ‘Marine animal’ but they just had to be included! These seasonal beauties litter the Farnes and are always a hoot with our guests (and us of course ;D). 


water activities in Northumberland - Serenity Farne Islands tours

Image taken by Serenity Boat Cruises at The Farne Islands, Northumberland


We also get occasional life such as Humpback Whales and Orcas! Come dive with us to explore our corner of the globe! See what's coming up here or contact Nic here

Merry Christmas,

The Fifth Point Team x

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