5 reasons YOU should take action and protect the environment


Let's start by saying there are endless reasons to protect the environment and as Divers, we should all be environmentalists. At the end of the day, carelessness and harm above Sea level has an effect on the Deep Blue that we cherish so much. Therefore, making small alterations to your day to day life to be more sustainable can have a HUGE impact on the Planet. So, let’s get straight into it.  

It’s the environment you love exploring so much

Without the Reefs and Ecosystems, we’re left with a barren wasteland where there was once was a thriving Aquatic system. Do you really want that? There is already so much of the underwater world that has been destroyed, even hundreds of miles offshore. We’re so lucky to see the beauty of nature underwater but also not so lucky to see the first hand effects of pollution, debris etc. Therefore, it's our priority to educate others and make a difference. 

For the future and young Divers 

Along the lines of the point above, we want to preserve the Ocean for future underwater explorers to enjoy. How is it fair that we get to and leave a graveyard for others? We need to set a good example as torchbearers for the future generation of enthusiasts. 


It’s not just below Sea Level that's affected 

The Ocean is the largest Carbon sink on the Planet so there's no wonder that the damage is phenomenal. However, most of the wreckage done to reefs is through our decisions above the waterline. The majority is by big Transnational Corporations that we fuel via consumption. For example, Shell drains the Amazon Rainforest (which is the second largest Carbon sink globally btw) for its raw materials. Deforestation ruthlessly tears up ecosystems full of life and medicines that we haven't even discovered yet and the fumes from this devastation contribute to air pollution and thus, water pollution. 

So, we can make small, more sustainable alterations to our lifestyles that help out the Planet. A few examples could be:

  • Eating a plant based and/or locally sourced diet. “One individual leading a perfect Vegan diet is not as powerful as 1000 doing it imperfectly” 
  • Ditch single use plastics- soap bars, reusable bags and bottles, metal shavers can make a MASSIVE difference
  • Don’t support fast fashion. Millions of garments are tossed annually due to the sheer greed of consumerism. Plus, workers are exposed to horrendous working conditions. Sustainability isn't only environmental but social and economic too.  Instead, only buy when essential or try out second hand. Most of the stuff in Charity Shops, on Depop etc are cooler anyways! 

All of the above weave into plastic pollution which harms and kills wildlife both above and below Sea level. 

THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL. Write to your local MP's and representatives, educate others and make a positive difference.

Every little action has huge consequences on our ecosystems

All of our small decisions have huge impacts and it's not always super simple. A pressure that ecosystems are facing today is debris entering the Ocean, Flora mistaking it for food and then eating it which alters the food chain humongously and ultimately forces species into extinction. 

To battle Climate Change 

As we all know, Climate Change is an issue that the Globe faces and has faced for decades now. With the waters warming, Corals are being bleached due to a variety of reasons such as a rise in CO2 which ecosystems cannot keep up with and water acidification. Climate Change is a massive contributor to the long-term destruction of our planet, including our Ocean. 


If you take anything away from this blog, it should be that little changes have huge impacts and that altering your lifestyle even slightly is better than doing nothing. 

Merry Christmas,

The Fifth Point Team x


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