12 Scuba diving stocking fillers we recommend this Christmas


Diving equipment can be overwhelming and expensive… especially for a non-diver. This is why we’ve created an easy list of affordable scuba diving stocking fillers that every diver NEEDS in their life! 


XDEEP Double Enders

Ohhhh don't even get us started on these… when they come into the shop it's like a battle between the staff to get them, they're so popular! Double ender bolt snaps are endlessly useful for every diver. Need to clip your torch off? No problem. Need to clip ya SMB off? Not an issue. They’re a piece of equipment that literally every diver should have on hand. The XDEEP ones are our personal favourite as they are super durable. Any diver can appreciate the fantastic quality of these snaps. We promise, they're worth the extra few quid from their cheaper alternatives! 

Stream2Sea Mask Defog

A non-starter. Every diver needs a quality defog and Stream2Sea takes 1st place by miles! I am utterly obsessed with this, it's actually a little embarrassing. I can't stop talking about it. Do you want you or your loved one to have a fun, relaxing dive appreciating the breathtaking environment around them? Invest in this amazing defog for guaranteed no fogging! At the dive site, every one of our frequent customers now owns one of these bad boys. Just like the bolt snaps, you can really tell the difference between the quality of this defog in comparison to its cheaper counterparts! Plus, a little goes a long way so it lasts forever! I dive between 2-4 times per week (plus I'm in and out of the tank constantly) and have only now had to buy a new one just under a year later! 

The icing on the cake is that this product is completely reef safe. There are no harmful chemicals that will harm marine life.


Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag

Caring for the environment in which we explore and love so much is super important for us as divers. Unfortunately, all rubbish ends up in the ocean at some point in its lifecycle. We as divers have an impact on this though!

Take a trash bag out with you on every dive and collect any rubbish you come across. Be an eco diver! Plus you earn extra cool diver points when you come out from the dive and tell everyone what you collected. You never know, you may even find something cool. We have a collection of interesting stuff we've found out on dives here at Honest HQ including a set of false teeth!

The Fourth Element ocean debris bag fits perfectly into your drysuit or wetsuit pocket and extends to a canny big size so you can collect quite a bit of rubbish in them!

Enjoy being an eco-warrior and an epic diver all at the same time! 


Aqua Lung Zephyr Flex Snorkel

Snorkels are super handy when you're swimming on the surface and don't wanna waste any of that precious air! Buuuut…. They can get in the way sometimes on a dive, especially if you're like us and dive in longhose!

That's why we’ve chosen the most diverse Snorkel on the market to recommend as this scuba diving stocking filler.

The Zephyr Flex has both a purge valve and a splash guard, plus it is super soft and the clip is soooo easy to use… even in dry or thick 7mm gloves! You can clip this Snorkel onto your mask or fold it up into ya pocket and BOOM! Perfect Snork!

Apeks Spool & SMB

If you're a newbie diver or a complete techie, a spool and SMB are essentials. From letting boats know your whereabouts to exploring caves, every diver needs a spool (and SMB)! Spools and SMB’s are for safety. They allow you to deploy a surface marker so that watercraft can identify your location. So they don't ride over you, for example!

At The Fifth Point, we ALL use the Apeks SMB-Reel combo! It's just the best! The fabulous finger spool is hard-wearing with bright orange identifiable line which is super important for low viz in the UK!

The finger hole is also perfect for any diver, just big enough to fit any glove system but not so huge that it's bulky and excessive! Did I mention that the spools are also available in 4 sizes? 15metres, 30metres, 45metres and 60metres!

So this piece of valuable equipment really is suited to any divers needs and makes a cracking scuba diving stocking filler.

The single breath oral inflate SMB can be used by any diver and that's why we love it so much! It’s super easy to use, BRIGHT so that you can be seen on the surface and made of a rugged material for long-lasting wear. It’s also super long so that it pokes out the water just more than enough to be seen, so it really does go that extra mile. However, it packs into a neat and small size so that it doesn't get in the way! 


Fourth Element Gulper Waterbottle

Wanna be trendy and eco-freindly at the dive site? We got ya! The Fourth Element Gulpers keep you hydrated and lookin’ cool both at the same time. No matter if you’re in the Maldives and crave that ice-cold water or getting out of the North Sea and want something warm to heat you up, Fourth Element has created this fantastic piece of kit to help you achieve just that. Cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 there's simply no excuses to not be hydrated when diving! They're available in 500ml and 900ml to suit however much you drink! 

If you really wanna treat yourself or your loved one, go that extra bit further and invest in the insulated lid. They offer that little bit extra warmth to ya cuppa! 

Halcyon Diver’s Notebook

Signals underwater are fun and very important for safety. However, sometimes you can't get your point across and that's why wetnotes are so important. This is the perfect gift for your instructor buddy too!

They're super valuable and sometimes underrated. The Halcyon wetnotes come in a huge variety of colours to suit your dive theme (c’mon, I know you have one)! Plus have smart features including pencil and storage pockets, a bungee loop to attach one of them super useful XDeep double-enders on ;), a vinyl pocket, elastic sheet separator and a refillable sheet system! Just use a regular pencil and away you go!

Apeks Luna Mini Torch

I'm envious of all the divers that have this torch! It’s so powerful and sleek at the same time. Plus the colour scheme matches the Apeks Spools which is always a bonus.

With 1000 lumens and 3 settings, this torch is excellent as a primary or backup. The torch is equipped with a rechargeable battery, again giving you the opportunity to be an eco warrior! Cool, right!? Plus my favourite feature of this torch is that it's soooo lightweight and can be clipped off on an XDeep double ender, allowing you that perfect streamline you desire! 

Additionally… just because it’s not perfect enough, can be used on land or underwater so can accompany you on all of your adventures! So, what are you waiting for!? Give it a try, you won't regret it! 

Apeks Bungee Mount Compass

It goes without saying, when you're with your buddy you wanna have an idea of where you're going in the big blue right? A compass is a small yet essential piece of kit and makes a perfect scuba diving stocking filler. 

The Apeks bungee mount is simply the highest quality and super easy to get on and off even over those bulky drysuit cuffs. You're gonna be blown off ya seat when I tell you, on a night dive or low light conditions you can shine your torch on the face and it will glow luminous so that it's super easy to take a bearing! 

Aqua Lung Micro Squeeze Knife

Finding a knife that's all easy to mount, safe to use and not super bulky can be difficult. Here at The Fifth Point, we’ve found ourselves in love with the Aqua Lung Micro Squeeze.

The Micro Squeeze are secure (almost impossible to unsheath unintentionally), small, made of durable alloy to avoid corrosion, easy to mount, has 2 top options (blunt or sheep's foot) and finally colour customizable to match your kit theme!

I’m obsessed. From cutting through fishing net to rope, this knife is absolutely excellent and a fantastic scuba diving stocking filler. 

Knife £29, Colour kit £8

Get in touch to buy.

Fourth Element Hoods & Gloves

Hoods and Gloves are essential for Cold Water divers or for those peeps in warmer water that get a bit nippy and want a little extra exposure protection!

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with gloves and hoods ranging from 3 to 7mm neoprene. Fourth Element offers a durable, stretchy neoprene to hug your skin and that provides ease for donning and doffing with additional features such as draining holes. 

Gloves are really important too as you wanna be able to feel your hands on a dive, right? I mean, clipping equipment on and off, picking up trash or grabbing your buddies attention to show them a cool fish seem pretty crucial to me.

Co- founder Jim uses the 5mm Kevlar Fourth Elements and can't rate them highly enough. They’re so comfortable, offer intense grip, extra protection from scrapes against debris and are just thick enough to keep you lovely and toastie whilst not being overpowering, leaving you unable to do things. They really are the best!


Honestly, unless you are 100% certain that the mask you're browsing online will fit your face, don't buy it online. We're all different. Pop into Honest HQ and try it on, you can even jump in our training tank to have a go! We have a huge selection from a low-high budget. A few examples are the Apeks VX1, Aqua Lung Plasma or the XDeep Radical. We've also just got a hot stock of Shark products! 

I could talk all day about all the fabulous features of each and every mask but that would be crazy. If you know the mask you're wanting, have a deek on The Honest Diver or alternatively, if you don't, get in touch for an honest helping hand! We’re happy to accompany all of your needs! 


I hope that this blog has been helpful, whether you're buying for yourself or looking for a scuba diving stocking filler for your buddy. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch, we're super keen to help. Last delivery date for Chrimbo is 20th Dec so get ya orders in!

Have a lovely Christmas! 


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