Inspiring Future Scuba Divers

Nic was so excited to be invited to James Knott Primary School in Ashington to take part in their careers event. She's been to a few of these type of things - but this one was something different!

There were 9 "mystery guests" and the kids aged 4-11 had to ask a series of yes/no questions to the panel to see if they could work out what their jobs were. There were some very interesting questions offered, and from her clues they decided that Nic was either a child minder or a charity shop worker....

They didn't know what to think when all the guests left and were invited one by one back into the hall to reveal their professions. Nic entered the room in full scuba gear!

After the assembly, Nic got the chance to be in the hot seat with Year 5 and 6. She explained the scuba gear she uses and let them try it on and press the buttons. They loved it!

Nic and the team are more than happy to come into your school and talk. She's got talks that are perfect for assemblies including the impacts of marine debris and her career as a scuba diving instructor.

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