Your Dream Dive Centre

We’re Opening Soon!

It’s been a while since our last blog post – and there’s a very good reason for that! In 7 short weeks we’ve gone from an empty husk of a building to something that is very nearly Your Dream Dive Centre.


We’re a couple of weeks away from opening and we’ll be setting the date for the big day very soon


Ready to be stocked with all the essential equipment you might need - we've already secured dealerships with top brands including Fourth Element, XDeep and Tecline. We'll have a selection of gear on display plus some environmentally friendly products to help you lead a plastic free lifestyle. 

Our kitchen is fitted and the kettle is on! You can come and have a cuppa and chill out in the snug on our awesome reclaimed Chesterfield sofas while watching divers hit the water in the next room.

Your Dream Dive Centre


Has been wired in and we're ready to install our BAUER compressor alongside our servicing equipment. You can get all your gear serviced by our qualified technician James, including cylinder visual and hydrostatic tests. 

Your Dream Dive Centre


We've invested in brand new wing and long hose configuration kit. You'll be using the latest gear and learning the most up to date techniques that stem from technical diving. We know that "tecreational diving" is the way forward in terms of diver ability and safety. Our experienced instructor team will be delivering RAID courses to equip our students with exceptional buoyancy skills and an attitude to diving that surpasses others. 

Your Dream Dive Centre


It's been installed and is ready to be filled. Soon you’ll be able to take the plunge into 3.2m of water and a 1m shallow training platform. You'll not be tied down to weekly pool sessions on a night that doesn't suit you - the tank is available 24/7 for training, refreshers, buoyancy checks, new equipment trials - whatever you need!

Tank Installation

Ever wondered how to get a 3 tonne scuba diving training tank into #YourDreamDiveCentre ?



Nic, James and the team have worked very hard creating a unique facility. Reclaimed materials have been used at every opportunity in an attempt to reduce our environmental impact. Offcuts and skip raids have been turned into something that’s unrecognisable – especially the 150 wooden pallets that were destined for landfill.

Reclaimed Retail Display

There's no reason why broken pallets should go to landfill. There's so many things they can be turned into!


Don't Miss Out...

Bookings are coming in thick and fast – don’t miss out and reserve your place now!

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