Reasons to take a course with us in 2022

This is a no-nonsense guide to taking a course with us. As Scuba Divers, we’re always learning, from Open Water to being a top notch Techie! These are just the reasons why you want to learn with us! 

Before we get started, imma address the elephant in the room and say that we recognise that our prices are higher than others, we set them after all! There are several reasons why this is the case and a lot are addressed below. If you have any more questions after reading this blog, contact Nic here

Doing a course with us is an experience like no other and here's a few reasons why. 


1-2-1 training

Something that we really pride ourselves on is our 1-2-1 training. We really believe that this gives you the absolute best experience of your Scuba journey. Having one on one training allows you to create a relationship with your instructor to ask questions, focus on challenges and overall enjoy yourself the most! 



Highly experienced instructors

Our co-founder Nic is a Course Director and our other Co-founder Jim is a Master Instructor. Both Laura and Emma are Staff Instructors. Plus did I mention Laura is a Clinical Psychologist and runs Fit to Dive! She's the first person to research the Psychology of diving globally! Amazing, right?!? All of our Instructors have had a load of experience teaching in the UK with most teaching abroad too! 

One of them reasons we're a little more pricey is that we pay our staff. Scuba instructors are susceptible to offering their services for free due to the sheer love and passion they hold for diving. However, earning a wage is an important factor in living a happy and sustainable lifestyle so we want to treat our staff like the kings and queens they are. 


Nic and Sandra after smashing her Open Water!!!

Create your own timeline

Along with our 1-2-1 work ethic, we also believe that you should run your own timeline. This means there's no standard that you MUST be able to do a skill first try and never look at it again. We really want you to feel comfortable with the skill so that you look forward to diving and don't have horrible schemas hanging over you. Don’t quite get a skill? No problem, we can work on it together. 

Plus, creating on your own timeline allows you to work this fantastic experience around your day to day life so there's no stress when booking with us, we're flexible! We are open everyday except a Wednesday so get in touch to discuss your first session!


Girls that scuba

Happy, relaxed customers enjoying their tank sesh!

Eco warriors

Right at the heart of The Fifth Point is that we LOVE protecting the environment. It's literally in all we do. Even the cuppa you get to warm up after a tank session is loose leaf! 

With every course sign up that we get, we donate a proportion of the money to PADI AWARE so that we can help protect the Ocean that we love exploring so much! 


Dive Against Debris Rubbish Collected

Dive dog Hal sniffing out our debris finds

Modern diving

Another feature of our dive centre that makes us stand out is that we teach in modern diving equipment from the get-go. You maybe thinking what on earth is that?!? Basically, we ditch the classic style BCD for a Wing and Backplate and have swapped the shorthose to longhose.

Wings hold the air you place into your bladder on your back, whereas BCD’s also hold it around your sides. Ultimately wings allow you to achieve that flat trim position easier. The backplate used with your wing also relieves the extra need for weight, which is held in your integrated system. Sounds like a winner to me! It’s down to personal preference but most that go from BCD to Wing don't turn back and I reckon that speaks for itself. It's overall more comfortable!

Longhose gives you that little bit more flexibility, especially if you need to share air with your buddy. 


Me sat next to my lovely wing and longhose configuration!

Regular trips

After your first session I can guarantee that you will be OBSESSED with your new hobby. The most affordable way to keep up Scuba Diving is to join our Scuba Subscription which you can check out here. In the £39 subscription (which we recommend if you don't have your own equipment and want to dive regularly) you get included 4 guided dives with full equipment hire. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new buddies, work on your personal goals and explore our local underwater ecosystem environments. We dive every weekend and when the Summer starts to get chocka we also do a few ‘Midweek Mooches’. What are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up! 


Cheeky Farnes boat trip!

What do our customers have to say about us? 

So glad I found the 5th Point Dive Centre, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I was only planning to be a holiday diver but due to Nic and James’s passion, enthusiasm and encouragement I completed my open water, advanced and recently rescue diver course with them. I’m sure I would not have come as far without them. They can’t keep me out of the North Sea now.”

This was by Sandra, one of our super regular Subscription members that we LOVE diving with! Cheers Sandra! 

“All I can say is WOW! Incredible, friendly staff, great equipment and WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! From the moment we walked in, to the moment we left - Nic and the team made us feel so welcome in such a friendly environment. Explained everything from start to finish and took their time to make sure we were comfortable. I can't swim - and I've had one of the best experiences of my life underwater - so don't let your swimming ability put you off.  There are cheaper schools in the North-East, but paying the extra for the 1-2-1 training and support makes all the difference. THANK YOU! I can't wait to get back in the water!” 

The quote above is from one of our Subscription members and now PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Paul who since stepping foot in the centre, we see super regularly! 


If diving with us sounds absolutely epic (which it is, no bias of course ;D) then contact Nic here. We’re more than happy to accommodate you as much as we can! 

Have a Lovely Christmas,

The Fifth Point Team x

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