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Tune into The Dive Pro Hub, a show that brings you dive industry insights and sparks business ideas!

Nic is your host - a PADI Course Director, Ocean Advocate and the co-founder of The Fifth Point and The Honest Diver.

This short-form show typically runs for 10-15 minutes and releases every other week. It's usually a solo show, but every now and then she'll invite a very special guest from the world of scuba diving to share their stories and projects.

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The Dive Hub Podcast also has a video version and you can catch this along with all our other videos on The Dive Hub YouTube Channel.

The Dream And The Journey

Surely it's every dive pro's dream to own a dive centre? Well, James and I managed to do just that! In this episode of The Dive Pro Hub we chat about our jou...

Womens Dive Day Special

It's been a funny old few months, and this year's PADI Womens Dive Day is going to be very different for us. We'd normally be having a massive celebration, g...

OMG! She's Panicking!

How do you feel about the diver in the photo? She's got the mask on the top of her head... do you rescue her?!Find out why I think this is a really old schoo...

How To Become a PADI Instructor

If your goal is to become a PADI Instructor, check out this recording from my webinar. I'll talk you through...* What happens on a the PADI Instructor Develo...