We're 100% AWARE!

We're 100% AWARE!

As you know, The Fifth Point Diving Centre is committed to keeping Our Sea Trash Free. With monthly beach clean-ups and regular underwater litter picks, we've decided to take it one step further and sign up as a Project AWARE Partner!

Who Are Project AWARE?

Nic and James have been working with this group for years. Project AWARE are a global non-profit organisation, a movement for ocean protection that's powered by passionate divers. Their ethos of connecting the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation fits perfectly with The Fifth Point.

During their time in Malaysia, James and Nic got stuck in to the messy problem of marine debris. They continually removed rubbish from reefs including huge ghost fishing nets. The following started to grow and on behalf of B&J Diving Centre, they organised regular conservation activities. Their hard work didn't go unnoticed, and Nic was featured as a Debris Activist in PADI's quarterly Undersea Journal.

Nic jumped at the chance to become a Dive Against Debris instructor so she could pass on her knowledge and skills to others, forming an army of eco divers. She even got the chance to teach Project AWARE's very own Policy Specialist, Hannah Pragnell-Raasch. She made the trip all the way from Australia to Dive Against Debris with Nic. They were even filmed as part of a documentary series by Team Labyrinth.

Nic and James returned to the UK in the summer of 2016, setting into motion the plans they had for building The Fifth Point. It didn't take them long to get their beach cleans up and running, choosing Cambois as their adopted site. Since then, the volunteer group (now know as Our Sea Trash Free) has removed a staggering 1,500kg of rubbish from the coast. The army has grown from a few Cambois locals, friends and family to over 60 strong. With beaches all over the UK facing increasing pressure from human influences, they need all the help they can get!

Now that the dive centre is up and running, we conducted our first official Dive Against Debris survey in Cawfields Quarry back in April. The first of many more to come, and as a 100% AWARE partner we will soon choose our dive site to adopt and pledge to conduct monthly Dive Against Debris surveys.

There's More Good News...

As part of our commitment to Project AWARE, The Fifth Point will now make a donation on behalf of every student we certify. Project AWARE relies on donations to continue their amazing work, currently focussing on two main issues: Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris. In return, all our student divers will now receive a Project AWARE limited edition certification card - you can even choose your design!

Project AWARE limited edition cards

Check Out Our Eco Training...

We're now pleased to offer a plethora of diving courses that are environmentally minded, there's even some non-diving courses coming soon! Whether you want to improve your skills to become a more responsible diver, or learn about the marine life we have right on our doorstep, there's a course or workshop for you!

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